Is the European Union Worth It Or Should We End It?

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Should we double down or give up and go our separate ways?

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Immigration and the Challenges of Integration

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Is the European Union Worth It Or Should We End It?


Kool nãosei says:

"The EU. Is it worth to keep it or abolish it?"

ABSOLUTELY ABOLISH! Fuck you rapefugees for ruining a union of countries that made a lot of history like creating the USA

Memes being banned isn't that much big of a deal, sure it is annoying but it isn't big it is just a distraction.

Now the rapefugees on the other hand…

Just. Fuck you EU. Fuck you merkel, fuck you soros, and fuck everyone that are doing the kalergi demonic plan to kick us out of OUR home countries!

brick kid 465 says:

Eu must be exterminated for banning memes

Anthony Katsivalis says:


Rishabh Goswami says:

After what they have done to memes?
End EU for Good

Captain Qwaz Caz says:

India is part of the EU so we need to end it.

also they banned memes

Boogy Boogy says:

The background music is so much disturbing, caused me distraction, making the video useless

plush n puppet shenanigans says:

I will add a fuck the eu for every like this gets
fuck the eu

Squirtle says:

I think the EU will fall at some point, not now but maybe later, UK was just a start on how fed up people are in the European Union, it is a domino effect, one country leaves, then another, then another, then another until the EU completely falls apart

HamburgerGamer TV says:

i hate EU beacuse ACTA and ACTA 2

Squirtle says:

As of now, the EU is trying to regulate things that effect every country, not just europe. For example, they successfully passed a law to where their government regulates their internet, not the same as China's and similar countries. I can't remember the full details, I do know that it affects content creators, especially youtube channels, with only few options for it not to affect them, which sorta screws over citizens in europe. Google and other internet companie would have to restrict or ban european citizens from using any of their platforms, which would screw over europeans but help content creators from losing their main source of revenue. So because of the european union, these corporations will have to make a difficult decision that is sad either way.

Anticreeper says:

I think Britain doesn’t have strong feelings for the EU

Snowy 4 says:

Why you don't want Serbia ?

mrdonetx says:

I know this is a little late, but didn't the United States press the lessoning of trade and commerce barriers in Europe? That was one of the fundamental parts of the Marshal Plan. Because they were definitely tired of Europe and the bickering ultimately requiring their intervention.

Undertaker 21-1 says:

Auflösen und neu gründen als EWG

WarSeeker says:

Me 2017: Hmm im not entirely sure….

Me 2018: holds memes and polandball END THIS HUGE PILE OF SH**!

Maroš Varga says:

1:37 I can see my country's flag!

friescoot. cz /TV says:

Mne se to nelíbí bojím se o svůj život zrušte článek 13 a 11 hlavně vimislete lepší zákony sebe na silnicích zemře miliony lidí a oni napíšu blbost oni napíšou zákaz hlíny v EU no to je mysl EU…

Kristòf Győri says:

Well I think that politicans should onyl say that we should take refugees if they also take refugees.Because there is a big risk to it.There aren't only peaceful reufugees who travelled all the way to Europe.But there are also some bad behavioured people who argue and do terror attacks(like in Paris).

MeowCat171 says:

We should end it because it banned memes and it made Articles 11 and 13.

zongora123 says:

EU is an organisation should not be artificially kept alive!!!! It should split up because the very first objectif is making economic profit instead of caring for the well being of its citizens.
There is no hope to reform the EU treaties. EU must obey to NATO. The debt that was imposed to Grece is the very proof of how far EU is no solution for making life better !! EU is not a democratic organisation, States have no means to represent their democratic orientation, if a state is having a different orientation (no austerity, no immigration), this State is blacklisted (eg Italy, Hungary) EU is against diversity of states, and culture, Eu is destroying diversity by the impostion of individualisme and multiculturalisme. The elderly is more and more becoming excluded of everyting. Within the EU there is no internal state policy to work out. National elections have no impact on politics, how on earth should the EU be seen as a democratic organisation???? EU is a club of unelected people, maintaining the strong position of lobbies of the banking and finance and industrial sectors. The last word belongs to the european technocrates of the EU Commission (eg glysophates)
If we like diversity, we should leave the EU right away and let the state to make commercial treaties and establish state rules over their own economy and military intervention. Why on earth should the EU give more credit the the USA, Trukey than to Russia ????? Why on earth is the EU taking part in the intimidation ans russiaphobia generated by the USA? Why on earth should the EU sacrilise the trio of USA-Israel-SaudiArabia? Why we do have buy F-35 from the USA????? etc…. etc…. Why are our key positions filled up by people who have worked for the Rotschilds or big US mutlinationales? etc etc Why should we listen to the ONGs of Soros whose aime is strenghtening a chaos so as to create a regime change (eg ukrain) ? Why are silly slogans, such as the "EU is feeding the world" are created by the EU, so as to make very poor the farmers in africa (where strangely EU eggs and chicken are sold in the supermarkets, etc….) etc etc…. even the objectif peace is a lie, the war is yugoslavia is the very proof of EU inefficiency to coop with critical situation on its own continent… etc etc selling our arms to saudi arabia, to israel, ….etc Not taking sanctions against US allies (israel and SA)….etc !!! AH non, the eu policy and orientation is extremely ultraliberal, that increases every day the gap between the poor and the rich…. such an organisation should not be artificially kept alive!!!!

alienmaster28 says:

if you look at the maps in this video then you would think that Switzerland doesn't exist

d3vil AMV says:

Fuck man, dont break it. Free Borders = Free Mariujana

gabriel mario says:

yes but only the strongest and ritcher contries will remain and kick out the weaker, poorest and newest.

Oof Man says:

EU is like communism, a great idea on the paper but an impossible mess in reality

MrGlickClick says:

The countries should keep sovereignty and adopt trade agreements instead.

Roman says:

EU as trade and military agreements? sure yes, that works.
EU to dictact laws over soveirgn countries? … wasn't that what they didn't like themselves with the USSR? 😉
it's good to help each other and make it easier for your citizens to partake in the feast of what is Europe, but to dictact other countires views and laws, that's there it gets dangerous. help with the groceries but stay out of the kitchens and you'll have a better time.

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