Frog Dissection | Practical Work | Parts & Procedure | 9th class biology | Full practical Video

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A complete sets of lecture for 9th class for Pakistani student (FBISE & RBISE) as well as general science students. A way to get into fun along with education, schooling, college, university and much diverse items.


Liza Nath says:

I thought frog dissection is banned?

Tech Solutions says:

atleast wear gloves you fucking idiot!

Dhn_ Raihan says:

audio nai ?

Yadu- Gaming, tech & Media says:

Just what i wanted to see – thank you!

FunKaar says:


BIOLOGY सीखें with ADITYA says:

Wonderful video

MSR 2.0 says:

Thanks a lot!

Brown Be says:

Thanks a lot!

THE PANTHAR017 says:

who else is scared of frogs

ALL TV says:

Very nice video.

قناة لقطة says:

Very nice video!

Vamsi K says:

Awesome, keep it up.

Kênh Giải Trí says:

I enjoyed the video. Thanks for posting this one.

All in one 9 says:

I will watch your other videos as well.

Shahid Husnain Pti says:

Thanks for posting this video.

best for you best for us says:

I will watch your other videos as well.

Kelly Lee says:

Amazing video. Please make more videos like this.

DJ Crazy Jimmy says:

Wow, amazing stuff!

Boss Chanl says:

236sub hóng trả

DV sport news says:

Wonderful video.

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