Christine Ford’s ex-boyfriend directly contradicts Ford’s sworn testimony

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The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Christopher Bedford and Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris Farrell on how Christine Blasey Ford’s ex-boyfriend claimed that Ford had helped her close friend prepare for a polygraph test, despite her testimony that she had never given polygraph “tips or advice.”


Jerry wtf says:

11,2,18 why is nothing being done for this BULLSHIT

MGTOW Monk says:

Lying and deception are female nature.

hiphop rabbit says:

She’s a lying dumb bitch that lost !!! I hope that no dumb butch accuses her son or nephew or husband or brother of some lying bullshit . What goes around comes around
I feel scared for her lies .

Dave Verster says:

This B-F woman,is nuts! She is a massive liar! Justice Cavanaugh got his rightful position on the Supreme Court!


That disgusting dog shit garbage woman better spend a lot of time in jail!!

Keith Stapley says:

Think about it..This is the best they have..Jr Varsity..Go Trump..Win the game!!Hopefully you can keep your eye on the ball and keep YOUR dick in your pants..You're awesome..but you need a makeover..

White Male says:

She needs to be locked up for trying to destroy this man life. She is a devil

life is to short says:

The sleazy Democrats are nothing more than a huge embarrassment to our government

Ariana Stacey says:

This is the many reasons why I lost faith in modern feminism/democrats and the reason why I'm voting republican now.

anita hill says:

Republicans need to demand an investigation into these sworn statement allegations by this ex-boyfriend and hold someone accountable for perjury. We cannot simply brush this stuff under the rug and let it go or we will continue to see more "sexual assault" allegations surface every time the Democrats feel threatened.

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