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Virus (Fukkatsu no hi ????), literally Day of Resurrection is a post-apocalyptic science fiction movie based on a novel written by Sakyo Komatsu. A plane carrying biological warfare crashes, causing a deadly virus to be released, killing off most of the world’s population. A handful of surviving scientists are in a hurry to find a cure. Will they succeed? The film is notable for being the most expensive Japanese film ever made at the time. In English & Japanese.

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Kat Mack says:

Prof: "don't take it out of the dry ice packing"
Other dude: Immediately takes it out

Valerie Freeman says:

Gentlemen, get out of my sight.

jeff theriault says:

that's a diesel electric boat a Guppy possibly the Santa Fe, the Argentine boat that was damaged and run ashore on South Georgia during the Falklands war.
They were modernized fleet subs that were sold surplus during the early sixties to a number of countries.

Sherrie Fox says:

Love this film. Thanks for the upload

Janie Straub says:

Could we please have it in English They are messing the movie up. That's it for me. Not going to finish this movie

Ivan Hughes says:


Pamela Dipzinski says:

I would really like to watch this movie, but there are no subtitles for the other languages. Since I speak English, and know only a bit of Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Korean, and Italian; it can be a bit confusing when you don’t get the entire storyline in your mast fluent language.

Lilly Mannie says:

Half the movie is in Japanese with no translated subtitles

michael anderson says:

All the women plumped up like nickel balloons…hahahaha

Dennis Kelly says:

. Itsafacahomahama cheetah soo camantupa .

Chantal Seguin says:

I speak english but not japanese and none the less felt like i understood the plot line and what was going on. Great film. And im glad there were no subtitles. Makes me watch the actors and their emotion and tone. The japanese actors made me think i understand japanese lol. Loving this.

Veronica Manahan says:

Great movie

james Deer says:

It's funny watching the short Mexicans make those guys look like giants. He was just tossing the little mexican guy around like a little kid. LOL

Mira Pagan says:

An English translations would have been nice to this good movie

Aroha Gerrard says:

Who does chuck Connors play in this?

Leslie Ross says:

Life is wonderful, yes, Christ is indeed wonderful. The Way to the Truth to have Life, Christ. Bless be the Name of the Lord Amen and Amen.

Kevin Smith says:

that was pretty fuckin good movie my japanese is a little rusty though

Nedzad Ramovic says:

USA give radioactive virus to Japan 1945. Friendly isnt. 140 000 people dies. Almost all is been civilans.

Gabriel Shear says:

Wasn’t edited properly .. Far to much drama : just like todays sci fi soap operas ..
Ala walking dead , falling skies and so forth ..
Had the potential to be a much greater movie ..
Desperately needed sub titles as much flavor was lost .
Re edit and use subtitles and you might have something ..
I’ve found that people today absolutely love sci fi soaps ..
I personally can’t stand them ..
Use only enough personnel development to keep the story going ..
I’m just not interested if Johnny’s gay or Jimmys a drug addict ..
It’s just extraneous baggage that ruins good sci fi ..

David Anderson says:

I've seen this movie I don't remember how many times and I love it. although unrealistic and flawed in many aspects (such as after an all out nuclear exchange between USA and Russia which would leave the entire planet utterly devastated with most life terminated within a few months and so much radiation spread everywhere through fallout that Joshizumi would never have made it out of Washington alive), it does reflect very strongly on how easily we humans can destroy ourselves. Not just as shown here through careless science, criminals or terrorists, but simply by accident as it nearly happened a few times during the cold war. We humans tend to think our military and politicians are on top of everything and so we remain completely oblivious to reality, sort of foolishly optimistic that everything is hunky dory and then one fine day reality hits us in the face and we find out the train has left the station.
I love that this film left a little bit of hope for humanity and for life in general at the end. I'm a hopelessly romantic and tend to think that in the end Love will save the day but whenever i start thinking that way, the realist in me takes over and tell me that I'm the one who's foolishly optimistic lol 🙂

Petra Lucie Žaloudíková says:

This was really great.

xrisku says:

No virus is 100% lethal. What crap.

Then there's women obediently being turned into sex slaves/brood mares. Followed by predicting an earthquake to within a month, it happening at the critical moment, and nukes being launched. Only stupid thing missing here was a polar bear attack in Antarctica.

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