Stages of Lung Cancer

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Staging lung cancer is measurement of tumor size and determination of whether and to what extent the cancer has spread. Cancer stage (1-4) is crucial to determining treatment options.


Kevin Kealy says:

I have it now stage 3.

gc voon says:

Good video, would the node near the left collar bone swells too? thanks

Daljinder Singh says:

What’s a left upper lung endobronchial tumor?

Jennifer Julian says:

My son and my mother past away from this kind of cancer

Les Subrick says:

Small cell lung cancer is the most aggressive.

calvin cruz says:

what are the chances or percentage that a patient with stage 3 Lung Cancer can be cured

Cynthia M tham uoc says:

Daniel oh lung cancer treatment too big in out

231MasseyFerguson says:

A friend of our family was just diagnosed with stage 3 last week ):

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