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Soooo I thought before I begin to truly document my present/future progress, that I’d take a trip down memory lane to see how far I’ve come in terms of my trading journey so far.

Boyyy have I come a long way. You’ll see in this video how much I messed up at the start – knowing absolutely nothing and having the worst and most ridiculous mindset.

So guys and girls, donut give up!
I went from making crazy profits to crazier losses. From risking all my capital for one trade. Honestly have no clue about what I was thinking back then or who that person even was! LMAO

But this is my personal story and goes to show that even me, a potato, can recover from that terrible mindset, and continue to persists to master the art of trading Forex.

*mic drop*

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Sһѧһzѧıɞ ѧғяıԀı says:

Patience, Emotions and Money Management are enough to get rich in Forex

martin tilby says:

@t. use this link to a TRUSTED broker. there are a lot of scams out there!

Mr. NB says:

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Jude Barrie says:

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mehmood baig says:

Great videoooooooooooooo

Rifqi Satria says:

I started my trading accounts on april, deposit 10 K USD at first then at the middle of august my total loss was 3 K USD . It was total disaster i stoped my trading until early september. I decide to do trading again, start by withdrawing my 2K USD and start with 5K USD. Now its 4700 USD. I have no one to talk about my trading, its so hard to find a good trader community in Indonesia. I read some books and all of the techniques only make me confused. Still i havent master trading

Eduardo H says:

thanks for your honesty , im thinking about switching to forex instead of stocks

Jayvone Severin says:

When you said you deleted their Telegram I think I know who you're talking about as I left them and went to Falcon

Mudathir says:

story of my life….
actual honest account

Mikey C says:

Hannah, Thanks for the video. I'm just getting into this so I'm taking your advice and running with it. I love that you're so transparent, unlike a lot of ppl here on YT. Thank You so much you earn another like.

daniel mwangi says:

such a sincere young girl

Nadun Mihiraj The Forex King says:

i would like to do a video on money management side and your trading plan.. Please make it in detail

F3nom Eleven says:

What's falcon?

frank carlos says:

Hey I started trading in forex 1 years ago I live in Birmingham very happy for you what broker you use and what curncy you trade

Hugh P says:

Hello I'm a french trader i suggest to copy my trades (Nickname : HughActuary) by downloading the FBS CopyTrade application. My trades come from the most advanced mathematical algorithms

kaushik fx says:

What should I do to improve my mindset .

Adrian Duncan says:

Great video! Also your really beautiful too!

xXdarkninja2000xX says:

Wassup if ur having trouble look up a guy named leo Williams his group is called pip society he is really good. He is my mentor

trader says:

it's really gonna be long journey! .. good luck

Gina Inso says:

I made and lose $12k in 2 months trading fx, crypto, binary and derivatives, used to trade really large lots from 10-100 lots, max me self 300 lots in one day with 1:1000 leverage and 3 pips spread trading with the news and calendar. I should have started with small money at first, I learned from my mistake, cause of this fuckin timothy sykes and social media "Instagram" forex influencers showing them lambos, yacht and money and lifestyle I got this get rich-quick mentality in the fx market and overall in the trading industry. I learned from my mistake and trying to grow as a person irl.

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