F1 Paddock Pass: Pre-Race At The 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix

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All the pre-race weekend talk from behind the scenes as the drivers and teams prepare to go into battle in Brazil

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ashavin 301 says:

Well if it rains I guess that rules out ferrari and vettle!!!!

Joost Bouwmeester says:

OMG guys, get your facts straight for goodness sake! Mercedes needs to score 20 points more than Ferrari in Brazil to become Constructors Champions? They lead Ferrari by 55 points, so they are allowed to loose 12 points to Ferrari in Brazil and still they will be champions. Basic math…

mufc gamer says:

Stroll so negative where sirotkin positive even though we know there cars a disgrace

Cloxxki says:

I very much doubt Sainz would have gotten closer to Alonso's speed and points than Vandoorne has.

Krrish Chowdhry says:

Their appeal Haas been denied…

Akito Minami says:

Will out here throwing shade. lol

freedumb labowski says:

Somebody sack lance stroll for God sake. What a miserable sod!!

FXPhysics says:

Pretty sure Marcus consistently hit 11,000Hz with his voice. Still feeling dizzy.

McRider 777 says:

‘Do you think you will be racing for force India next year’


Andy Timmons says:

Take the 'and errrrrr' 'but errrrr' 'yes errrrr' ' no errrrr' and 'so errrrr' out of Lance's interview and we could all have had time for a tea break.

Keivan Teimoorian says:

07:04 mashinations????? I guess he scurried through the dictionary to find a word for that gap, that's why lol

BlueTrooper says:

Alonso and Vandoorne combined is a bigger loss for me.
Alonso is about to say goodbye to the sport and go off and get his Triple crown
Vandoorne a big talent i had extreme high expectations of but his Poor equipment he had has massively damaged his reputation in the sport

mikosoft says:

Ocon really needs a seat. He's not only quick but also an all around nice guy.


How annoying is it to hear Lance Stroll speak? 1 to 10

Levi Stewart says:

Stroll sucks at interviews aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Your Average Pete says:

Lance "uhhhhhhh" stroll

Hydro Power Equipments says:

The old lady next to Stroll looks as confused as Williams F1 Car.

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