Coming Soon… Formula 1 2020 Vietnam Grand Prix

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What will a race weekend on your screens look like in Vietnam? Ahead of the inaugural race in 2020, we’ve combined cultural facts, archive footage and the Vietnam Street Circuit layout to five you a taste of things to come…

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Tyler says:

Oh my God this track looks amazing!!!!

meong kucing says:

why not in Indonesia. that country is so amazing.

。カピバラ says:


Adrian-Cornel Borină says:

My country is turning into a dictatorship.
The bad news is we won't have basic human rights and everything will be shitty.
The good news is that our chances of hosting an F1 race increase.

Shaun Mostert says:

This is going to be an AWESOME track!

Alex Lobo says:

That's in 2020
We're already heading in 2019!

Mika-Markus Natunen says:

Can't wait for Finnish GP and Dutch GP. KymiRing deserves to be in F1 Calendar!

Tuấn Nguyễn says:

Welcome to Viet Nam

Sezer Aslan says:

Welcome Vietnam 🙂

Yash Paritkar says:

Looks like great circuit!

Robbie van Versveld says:

Idc bring the Dutch grandprix

Matss. says:

Well Redbull is fucked :/

Alan the leopard says:

I like the layout, but I suspect about the future on this track if we remember FIA´s latest "Tilkish" attempts to bring F1 to countries (and so close to each other) with no tradition (and interest) on F1 like Turkey, Korea, India and most recently Malaysia (and let´s see what happens with or how long do Shanghai, Bahrein, Paul Riccard, Russia, Singapour… and so on last). Why not bringing F1 back to countries where F1 was not raced for decades (on updated or upgraded tracks), like Kyalami (Africa), Buenos Aires (Argentina) or Aida (Pacific islands), while possible in terms of infrastructures, local interest and so on?… I´d love it to remove a number of Tilke-shit tracks from the calendar and replace them with tracks that I mentioned. Also, I think that FIA should establish the top amount of tracks in 20 per season. Exceeding that amount is exaggerated and absurd; not to say seeing that over the recent years the champion has won his last world tite while there were still some few races left.

Rishi Rish says:

Bring back sepang?

ahmadnurfauzi TV says:

next f1 :Indonesia

iViking says:

Turns 13-21 looks like their Long (dragon). I would call that section, then the Long Esses.

irej kcin says:

Turns 3 to 11 ?
What about these corners just F1 filler?

Peter Elgersma says:


Dũng Vũ Đình says:

Wellcome to vietnam

塚田脩斗 says:



Big Smoke says:

Looks like a coat hanger

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