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Hello! Welcome back to my channel! Today I am sharing my one month postpartum and baby update! I am talking all about my weight loss, breastfeeding, and so much more! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and give this video a thumbs up! Love you all!

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Mackenzie Bragg says:

Girl, I just had my third child. 3 daughters have me running wild. The hardships of being a new mom is hard! I struggled with breastfeeding all three of my girls. The shield was the biggest lifesaver! I definitely had to make sure I took time for myself. I used this to do so. I also made money from it! Being a new mom is crazy, but being able to use this product as well as make money to pamper myself… girl. I am shook!

Aluradanielle Blystone says:

Can you do a house tour when complete

Life Made Simple says:

You should do a video on how to wean off the shield because thats what we use and i have no clue where to start to stop using it.

EmsEssentials says:

love these updates! I just love all of your videos and your style you seem like such a nice, cool, normal person and something about your videos are just really calming. Keep up the amazing work girl!

The Overnight Mom says:

Oh my goodness she is sooooo cute! I love her hair band!

Adah Chanel says:

It isn't easy to shed pp weight so quickly. At least I had to wait for 6 months and now I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight and all I did this with the help of doing cardio and drinking "Mummy Magic Weight Loss Tea".

Lauren Ashley Vlogs says:

I used the shield with Ella for so long! It was a life savior!!

Also you inspired me to post my 2 month update. I filmed me showing my stomach but I hate it so I was nervous. But you LOOOK SO GOOOOOD. how does your stomach look that good after two babes!! And that pink is your color

The Fife Life says:

You are seriously the cutest mom ever and awww your baby girl is SO precious!

Destiny says:

Love her headband!! Where’s it from? Had my little one on 9/12!! A little girl for me too!!

Laura Thomas says:

She's so precious! Love her cute little hair!

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