How To Learn Android App Development (2018)

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▶︎ My Favourite Course To Master Android App Development:

If you want to know how to learn Android App development then this video is for you! In this video I’m going to break down the 2 skills you need to learn as well as the fastest way you can master them to become a great Android developer.

If you have an App idea and want to build it then watch this video:

As mentioned the best way to learn Android App development is by picking a test project and implementing what you learn on the test project. By executing what you learn when it comes to Android development you are going to cover possible knowledge gaps.

Watch the video and learn the best and proven method that works when it comes to the world of Android.

Tools I Use To Make These Videos:

iPad 2018:

Apple Pencil:

Luma Fusion App:

Adobe Draw App:


Sheikh says:

Sir , how to sell my android app,
I mean ,how to earn through my android app

Pratham Patel says:

i have no idea about any programming language.. How to learn Android studio ?
pls suggest which language is best for apps development ??

Shyam kumar Reddy says:

Hi, I am beginner and want to learn android and IOS app development to build it for my high school where students and parents can access to content in the app and help themselves in knowing their progress and learn accordingly. I also want to students to practice exams through my app. I need your help on this. I am able to develop apps based on source codes. All I want to know is what are all the dependencies like (eg: sqllite) are to be involved inorder to develop this kind of apps. Please don't mind if I have asked alot. 🙂

shelegangan media says:

Thanks for the video am newbies here i really have passion for Android Development would love to learn it from you.
Hope you can take me has one of your student.

Prince Agnihotri says:

When i am importing a mp4 file in my Android Studio it gives error,,i.e.File encoded in the wrong format .,,,so how to make it correct help me

menaka barathi says:

Hi, I know basic java and I wants to learn Android app building from scratch. Can you help me with that?

saurabh sable says:

Hi..i am from India..Thank you for your guidance..your video boosted my enthusiasm for learning android.
I have basic programming knowledge in java…so i think i should start android now.. Thank you

obaida says:

hey again..i have noticed this course is old there is a new version also for Rob is there any difference?

Kennedy Lekoko says:

Hi Mardox – I need to learn Android and iOS development independently for me to be able to pursue Xamarin development as well.

obaida says:

how long it take sto finsish the course if i spent 4 hours a day for it?

Alshan Husain says:

i cant fix Gradle sync failed 🙁

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