best diet plan for Lactate Mothers| 4 weeks weight loss plan| Breastfeeding diet to lose weight

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“Best diet plan for the Lactate Mothers| 4 weeks weight loss plan| Breastfeeding diet to lose weight” from Health TV.ENG, the lactate mothers will have the guidelines of how to lose weight after delivery and what are the diet plan, 4 weeks diet plan to lose weight up to 5kgs.after post-delivery.
Most of the time, the lactate mothers feel so worried for their diet plan and they are finding all the time of searching ways to lose weight, after post-delivery. It becomes a challenge for the lactate mothers to lose weight and maintain a proper weight loss meal and diet plan. The advantages of this video are-

You can Lose weight, while breastfeeding your baby.
This diet plan will not hamper your lactation system.
From this diet plan, your baby will not suffer from low feeding.
You can lose up to 5 kgs of weight within just 1 month.
And this the biggest advantage of the lactate mothers.
Weight loss after pregnancy it becomes a challenge for the lactate mothers. From this video, you will know ‘fitness for the mothers’, weight loss while breastfeeding and the diet plan for the breastfeeding mothers.

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Avantika Mahajan says:

mam rice ki jagah hum chappati le skte hai Aur mam yo vegetarian ho wo kya le

divya biju says:

For breakfast instead of rice can I have chappathi

divya biju says:

Can I have lemon juice with honey in the morning and before going to bed?

lil big sis says:

Thanks for sharing! But why is it NOT allowed to eat bananas??

Waseem Saberi says:

Luv ur video.

Waseem Saberi says:

Please provide another variations too

Janoub Art Gallery says:

Thank you so much

Amrutha S says:

What should I take instead of chicken because m vegetarian

Iffat Moiz says:

Can I take ginger honey tea during feeding baby??????


Can I drink green tea while breastfeeding

Shan-e- Zahra says:

mam me breastfeeding krwati ho mri baby 9 months ki hai and me diet kar rai ho …plz mje koi aisi tip batye jis se mri feed me kami na ho bul k milk supply ziada ho ku k srf mra milk piti hai plz plz plz …..

Shan-e- Zahra says:

mam …me breastfeeding karwati ho…mam me diet kar rai ho …plz mje koi aisa drink bataye jis se weight jaldi lose ho jaye r feeding me koi prob na ho …and secondly mam kia me lemon green tea ka use kar skti ho r lemon grass ka during breastfeeding

amruta kulkarni says:

Hi as I'm vegetarian plz let me know Wat all vegetables I can consume??? Wat all veg I shud add in that mixed veg bowl???

Beula Pep says:

What is qui chi ? Is that available in India?

Rashi Pranjal Bhattacharyya says:

Very nice information .

helen smith says:

I lost my post baby weight by drinking Mummy magic weight loss tea daily.

Bethany Hale says:

Mummy magic weight loss tea is an organic blend that helps in loosing post baby weight easily.

mayuri mutha says:

I'm baby is 3 months .. I'm facing issue with milk supply. So it's ok if I follow this. I have gained 10 kgs after delivery..

Aqsa Shafiq says:

Can I eat wheat roti instead of rice

Hanna Seth says:

Just eat healthy and do moderate exercise… for most women it takes time to lose the weight.. Drink "Mummy magic weight loss tea" 3 to 4 cups a day better before having your meals (almost half an hour). It won't hurt breast milk supply.

Swopon Das says:

Effective video

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