Stop Smoking – Why is it so hard? – Mayo Clinic

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For some people it is very hard to stop smoking. In this video experts from the Mayo Clinic explain why. The video illustrates the way in which cigarettes deliver nicotine to the brain causing changes in the brain that lead to addiction. When a person stops smoking they often experience difficult withdrawal symptoms and powerful urges to smoke. The urges and withdrawal symptoms make quitting very hard for many smokers. But hope and help for smokers can be found at the Mayo Clinic website,


Revs says:

Dipski in the lipski yeeyee

Zx Orange says:

Its been 2 years i am trying sent help

Indian live for india die for india says:

15 days i dont smoke know again on same track band them all over world

Hypo says:

Quit smoking in 2010 after 7 years of smoking , cold turkey , and I feel better than ever , I cant understand why I took up the habit in the first place , now I do cocaine , a much better substitute

Fortnite CloudCat says:

who here 2k18

Run 4 life says:

I smoke for 5-7 years. I stopped cold turkey. I went to the store, bought a pack of cigarettes. Brought them back home, and throw them away in the dumpster. That way I'd regret even going to buy a new pack. After a couple of months I was fine.. As I've read in the comments, the ritual of having a cig in the morning, after lunch, or before you go to bed is the hard part.. It goes away… I haven't touched a cigarette in a year and a half. Best thing I ever did for myself…

Seesaw whocares says:

i have quit drugs and alcohol with ease. but these damn cigarettes… it's so hard and I really really need to quit smoking. i'll quit for a couple of days then relapse. the longest was 12 days. Tried a lot of methods but to no avail. I hope this time it's for good… 4 days strong and the mere fact that i'm still youtubing "quitting cigarettes" shows that it's still on my mind. 🙁

The Illusionist says:

As someone who's stopped smoking with nicotine replacement therapy, went back, started 'vaping' electronic cigarettes … and wend back to normal, I have serious doubts that it's the nicotine responsible for the feel good effect of cigarettes alone. I believe a cigarette is like an orchestra of several chemicals that are active in the brain that enhance each other. Nicotine alone is ironically probably the least harmful chemical of those.

Deborah Edelen says:

I quit smoking 2 yrs and the ritual part was something I missed at first. I felt that I was not getting a break. Then about 3 months into the quit I was playing a game and I scored through the roof because I didn't have to stop for a cigarette. Then everything got like that. Life became a matter of things I wanted to do, and the the old ritual of smoking became an interruption that was no longer in the way of anything. And my quit didn't get in the way of friendships with smokers.

Deborah Edelen says:

I quit nicotine cold turkey with whyquit. I was a truly committed smoker for 30 years & convinced I could never quit. But the life in constant withdrawal started to annoy me. I learned quitting of all things would be just think to stop it. That's why nicotine replacement did not work for me. It's incredible but the truth is quitting cold turkey works, and it is not as hard as it seems. Getting free of nicotine actually feels great, you think life will be no fun, but it's just the opposite!

J Allen says:

I quit nicotine with Camoral. Utube & Wiki

mukul sharma says:

forgetthesmoking.blogspot. in/

Terri B says:

I quit 3 months ago and it's not easy. People around me were being diagnosed with Cancer at an alarming rate. I'd been a smoker for 30 yrs and loved every cigarette I had. Not only are the physical benefits incredible but I'm saving £60.00 per week!

My one tip for kicking the habit is.. avoid people who smoke (they'll understand) and places where the smoke is until you've cracked it. If i can do it ANYBODY can. I thank 'Champix' from the very bottom of my lungs for the help 🙂

MrDmcgough says:

go smoke some weed its much better for you

Mick says:

Sarin 82
Why not smoke herbal cigarettes then if it's not the nicotine , don't kid yourself , your addicted to nicotine just like millions of people are . I'm lucky and got out of the trap , by reading Allen carrs easy way to stop smoking , best thing I ever did and trust me it's easy. Hope you quit soon mate , and remember smokers are not dumb in fact they are very smart people , to convince your self and others smoking is good is a hard thing , and to keep up the excuses is very hard , anywa

lmm9607 says:

what am i supposed to do? chew on a carrot after sex?

sarin82 says:

It's not the nicotine I miss… but the rituals I got used to.
In the morning: coffee with a cigarette.. after lunchbreak: smoke a cigarette.. waiting on the bus/train: smoke a cigarette etc. etc.

It's not the "reward" from nicotine…. it's the smoking itself that got into my daily routine and the first week it feels very weird if that part of the routine is suddenly left out.

Originaldisplayname says:

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electrogeek77 says:

My one problem with the current quitting solutions is that there's a lot of emphasis on the chemical dependence, but not so much on the behavorial factors. My father has made several attempts to quit smoking. The thing that always gets him are the rituals – being used to having a smoke during certain activities, and even the feeling of the cigarette in his hand or behind his ear. Obviously, everyone is different, but is there a chance that this could be a large factor is so many setbacks?

yemieko says:

Cold turkey since Monday after smoking since 1985. Just did it. Anybody who is considering giving them up, the fact you have visited a video like this on You Tube shows you are heading in the right direction. Believe in yourself…if I can do it anybody can. Best of luck!

Ecig East says:

Another option to Quit. The ecig or electronic cigarette works for many.

RealNews says:

@dolphinx4 So its been over a year, how are you doing?

smokingnosmoking09 says:

my mom smoked and we made her promise she tried for months quit and started agian but now its completly outta her system its been 6years

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