South Korea vs. China | 2018 Overwatch World Cup Grand Finals | BlizzCon 2018

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참나 says:

nice try China, but better team wins 😉

bluesetsuna says:

that sign that read confucis say Chine get rekt. Lawl. Still underdogs of the overwatch world 2nd place says it all

LorenzKamo says:

Starcraft more skilled

Remy Beast says:

That cheese strat at the end was very silly… They kept fighting entirely too long. They should have run the double sniper strat, they threw that. That was sad to watch.

Китай Бугай says:

Класс мне понравилось.

Sam Powers says:

Gamerino Skipperino 15:40

Jim008 says:

Hehe, they even hired a Korean announcer knowing that South Korea will win. Bet they didn't hire any other foreign language announcers…

SSENSE54 says:

chinese language is so annoying………

aalever says:

I bet pro Overwatch players only dream about Overwatch

oh jheez says:

These upsets are really bad for the world cup and OWL. If the separation between good teams is only this small. idk man

Samuel Vance says:

China got fucking RAPED.

marcelb9 says:

Who else came here for the guy in orange messing with the camera 😀
0:002:30 Guys!!!!

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