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A college student, who sees a UFO, uses his exceptional math skills to investigate the sighting with his friends while the FBI follows closely behind.

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Starlight says:

pour les matheux très bon film sinon nul a chier

ehulbert5 says:

"Waited in anticipation" for something that won't possibly respond for 45,000 years at the earliest, if at all. I don't think so.

Miguel Castaneda says:

thought this was the old UFO tv seris…..nope

MK Jal says:

They aimed the signal at M13 and the world waited in anticipation for the response…… Only it takes the signal over 22 thousand years at the speed of light just to REACH M13….  so we would all be dead! then there is the return trip to us ( if they has the technology)    So that is the premise of film out the window.

Benjamin Perth says:

You DON'T want UFO disclosure,
you wouldn't like it.


Please read on.

One hard truth that will come with disclosure: Television, and the recording of visual imagery is ubiquitous in nature. You do not have, nor have you ever had a sliver of privacy. The 3D color TV cameras in your head should have caused you to suspect all this.

Hold on, it gets more thrilling.

Each atom constitutes an optical-processing system that is capable of electromagnetic transmission. Saying here: The walls in your home are in the act of recording your every move – from every angle – in beautiful 3D color. (Don't bother turning off the lights atoms can see in the dark.)

You wanted FULL disclosure, right? Or, would you prefer a soft-soaped release of knowledge that you wouldn't find deeply unsettling?

Either way, there's more to come.

With full disclosure, as you stand in your upended world, you'll crave the vanished bliss.

– Christopher M. Baer

delavalmilker says:

Once again proves why you shouldn't beam "Hello!  How are you?" messages at the stars.

TimmayFilms says:

Why does the writer put such a big lie into the beginning of this film? Does the "University of Cincinnati" lie to their students or was it just a film choice, to make the whole thing seem an obviously propaganda film? Or just a fake "college campus" with an obviously fake Economics Department? At least half of the audience will be jarred right out of the film's reality, and begin looking for other flaws of such a nature. Poor choice indeed; or the entire production team is just that ignorant, in which case I expect many such flaws.

John Overton says:

Your supposed to pause for a 27 second moment of silence to remember all of the 27 Aliens that were lost while watching this movie……..I lost myself typing this….

Angelo Forido says:

That's 10mins I'll never get back not to mention useless information I can use

Eugene S Smith says:

Who is that old broad?

pacman drone says:

Straight up crapfest..

E. B. C. says:

Is there a lecture with junk talk in it required to be in UFO ET movies?

Gerrit Peacock says:

The answer is:
They are both cunts

Humberto Mireles Rubio says:

If the movie talks about a UFO but I dont see any UFO in the first 10 minutes of the movie it doesnt worth it

Victor Celeste says:

can i get 10 min of my life back please?

KaraLoop says:

Surprisingly good.

URKillingme100 * says:

Why anyone opt to show the first BORING 10 minutes instead of a well edited preview is beyond comprehension.

major kisoff says:

That was funner than a buttered up pig race!!

Yeme Ngoto says:

This is a stupid video. Learn how to edit videos before you post them. This video needs only one to two minutes.

Display Name says:

Looks like another full-featured fiction film.

oak says:

Good flick, saw it enjoyed it nice mash-up with "Numbers" and conventional UFO flisks…

Jonathan Porter says:

Usually, when you say "see the first ten minutes…" those ten minutes should not only be actually ten whole minutes, but they should be a interesting and captivating ten whole minutes to entice the viewer to want to watch the rest of the movie. The first ten minutes of this movie, unfortunately, is rather bland and doesn't spark my interest in wanting to see the whole film. Frankly, it sucks. You should of used a different ten minutes of the movie that is more interesting and based around the subject matter of the movie, i.e. the UFO.

Sam Gamble says:

watched most of this so called UFO movie don't waste e your time it's a load of rubbish and more rubbish

Harrybigballz1 2suckitbitch says:

Odviousley based on the O'Hare incident observed by many includeing pilots and airport workers and tower

choochooman says:

Watch the first 10 minutes of a 9 minute show??

Matt Porter says:

just illegally downloaded this thing so don't really care if it sucks

TC Johnson says:

I can't get through the the first four minutes. If you advertise a ufo movie, you need to put a F**** ufo in it.

Danny Powers says:

Where's Mulder ?!

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