Over 100mg of Nicotine AT ONCE!!!

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I uploaded this video from heaven.
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Ethan Malin says:

I made the best dip ever butterd popcorn get movie theater salt that's butter flavord salt put a lot of salt on it about 2 tbs with Copenhagen straight long cut and take 1 pinch out and shake 2 minutes and enjoy

Mark Sutherland says:

Save this video and in 10 years or so watch it again .Stop being a dumb ass now ….just a thought

BernieSanders says:

"Not healthy"… No shit, tobacco isn't healthy

Norwiking says:

when u dont feel nicotine anymore 🙁

John Stover says:

Dare you to smoke a cigarette with a dip of Siberia while having nicotine patches on. Who ever falls over first loses.

Send It Stephen says:

Do a zyn suicide for one million subs

Kornel Cajka says:

If your body absorbs over 60mg of nicotine you will likely die (or get close to it) of nicotine poisoning. Please be careful it is extremely dangerous.

Alfred Larsson says:

Daayum you suck att snusing in the upper decker hahha. Well, I respect you for trying <3 You're not a real snuser so I get it though.

Jon Mentovay says:

Bud…as a caring person that I am…i won't like this video because I don't want to be responsible for killing you from 860 mg of Siberia nicotine

David Kps says:

Try next time 100 mg of thc

MACx2363 says:

It amazes me how you have as many followers as you do… you’re a clown

Young Biba says:

in russia we have only cold dry, siberia and epok i'm 14 y.o. and siberia is my favorite snus

owly says:

why is this in my recommended

Nicholas Kennedy says:

Dipping I dumb I hope you don’t die of cancer

Jeremy Williams says:

Bro just smoke weed

Tanner J Skowronski says:

129 mg of nic

xUltimatexInstinctx says:

The thought of one of those in my mouth makes me want to vomit.

Snowy Vibes says:

vapor ftw
tobacco is dead.
vapor is the future

yungsenpai says:

Put this in your will fucking your wife (sister) and your having a wingding time

SuperiorGaming says:

This is the first video of yours that popped into my recommended and I saw your intro and next thing you know there's a new sub to your channel…

-_- -_- says:

500-1000mg of nicotine is a lethal amount

Matt D says:

Well I'm glad you haven't 20k yet cuz that ain't gonna be good!

dabb420 кid says:

Не здохни идиот

dabb420 кid says:

Lol u hyper as fuck . Dont get tounge cancer or gum deases

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