New Wix Tutorial! How to Make a Stunning Website!

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In this video, learn how to create a stunning website with! With Wix’s intuitive interface and advanced design features, I believe is the best way for beginners and even professional web designers to easily, create quality websites in just a couple of minutes.

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Sanchana Naaidu says:

Very informative David Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Randall Paul says:

About once every 2 months i have to go through my site. People keek telling me there is no content on my pages. I go in and there is content but it is all they way to the bottom of the page which is about 10 full scrolls down. Another frustrating thing is is that somehow the content is set to show on all pages when I clearly check every single time to no show on al pages. Why would you want to have particular page content on all pages? Too Many Bugs and it is taking tooo much of my time. Losing business

Victor Alfaro says:

I been trying to build a website in wix but I cant seem to find a way to build my website. I need to do a canvas printing online. I cant find a way to customers upload their images to my website so I can prin them. Any ideas

sheeplamb7 aj and more says:

I got a wix ad befor this

error idk says:

The Wix ad made me make dope instead of a dope website

NikkaFilmz says:

lol i made a video about my awesome website lololololol

KFC Succ says:

I just watched this to get entertained

Why did I do this

Dev Namdev says:

Do not trust wix. com, very bitter experience

Kevin Burtnick says:

How much do you charge for 1 page start with?

Learn Holistic English says:

Hi,David. Thank you very much for your very helpful video. I have this problem with anchors and haven't found anywhere on Wix the information I need. How can I insert anchors in a blog post to act as anchor tags to be related to text/words in other pages? Basically, I want a word in the page Recipes to be linked to a particular section in a blog post, which contains a certain recipe. Is it doable with Wix? Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

Cristi Winkler says:

Way too fast for me. Your mouse moved a mile a second. 🙁

THEBoss PORTER says:

Insightful has helped me already see to re edit mine I did last night

AKSHAY mulani says:

hello friends, agar kisi ko 2 lacs se jyada subscribers vala notification account sell karana he to please batayeye. i want to buy…..

KC’S DIARY says:

Thank you for this!!

bench laureta says:

WOW ilove wix THANKS alot guys

Rare Animal says:

Wix fucking sucks!!!

Amer SAIDI says:

Wix is not a good idea to create a website. Be cause you should to pay for ridiculous things.


Do you have to pay??

Headbanging Zulu UK says:

Not having much luck with wix in the U.K. Cannot seem to contact anyone as email is down. also when I try to build my cite nothing seems to work all I get are white pages with messages and no further. Any help would be appreciated

Esaki das says:


Annemarie Campbell says:

The editor does not work. I've spent days with it. Everytime I click edit it does nothing but take me to anther screen and never loads. I'm on verge of returning to old Hostgator. I'm disappointed

Eszter Kaszas says:

Can you PLEASE make some tutorials on Wix Code? The official Wix Code are more or less confusing to a greenhorn like me, even dough I know Wix quite well by now…. PLEASE!!!

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