Doctor behind film that links autism to vaccines speaks out

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Producer and physician talk ‘Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe’ documentary


brian faber says:


Joshua Ford says:

If vaccines did cause autism, my questions are, how would that even work? and would you rather have your kid be autistic or dead? (Come at me Davd Bander)

johnny jedi says:

Thank you and Praise you Lord Jesus Christ for your grace and mercy and keeping me healthy , you are my rock and the health of my countenance , i never experienced any negative health problems that i know of from vaccines but ive had friends who after they got one were sick for weeks in bed and never got one again .

Whiterun Guard says:

It’s amazing how thick people are, even doctors.

BlueLover says:

Rockefeller own big pharma. Need I say more?

Dave Bander says:

Autism rates raised significantly in the last 20years.
What I observed in schools is, that they vaxx the kids more than at my school time. The diagnosis poss. of autism hasn't changed.
Then I saw Dr. Joachim Mutter who found out: mercury, ALU and testo cause or can cause autism.
That's why females are not that highly targeted. Who is targeted? Right: Males!!!
What is in vaxx? Mercury and ALU, right?

Fusi :3 says:


You serious?

Adzz says:

I’d rather be autistic then die to diseases lol

Ali Kazim says:

There is definitely a link of autism with vaccines. Especially with the dosage which is given to a 1 year old.

GD Sparks says:

Autism is something you’re born with. It’s not something you can just get. People can just be so stupid.

Daniel Mirza says:

Its like saying the earth is flat and nasa is covering it up

Cynthia Crager says:

May I suggest that anyone that doubts this to be true take a job at a center for people with autism. It's required reading to read their medical files… By the time you get to the end of the medical files you will have no more doubts. I'm not telling you to take anybody's word for it, learn for your family sake.

Jessica Postopoly says:

Her child isn't autistic. That isn't even what autism is. Vaccines can cause encephalitis, seizures, immune system deficiencies and gastrointestinal problems. All of which can cause symptoms that are similar to some of the signs of autism. They are not autism however. Autism is a behavioral condition. A neurological underdevelopment which affects the way in which somebody understands social language. Without the social dynamic you cannot consider something to be autism even if it has similar symptoms.

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