Design Thinking Process

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This video discusses the Design Thinking Process and how it applies to my own career path as a graphic designer.


Nuggenahalli Narahari says:

Clarity in the explanation is phenomenal.

Mark M says:

Fine when its proposed by the CEO of SAP, with 72,000 followers. Not practical in a fixed time, fixed cost (or capped business case funding) scenario, or with multiple correlated problems (ie in ERP).

Jon Stainerr says:

its totally crap for gormless clients

Agramen says:

you dumb cunt

Agramen says:

you spelt analyse wrong you dumb bum

Dan Liu says:

Isn't it a common sense for the five steps?

Tobias Ghana says:

design thinking is USER centered, not CLIENT centered. the client tells you what the problem is, but you as a designer use design thinking to find the best solution to that problem from user perspective. its about empathize with the target group and not the fucking client wtf

Dexter Francis says:

Michelle – Lots of useful "what" information here – were you contemplating adding anything regarding "how"?

Jeyaprakash Rajaram says:

This is what we do in Agile Sprints…. old wine in new wrapper. How it is different from the agile process..

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