Space of time Unsolved mysteries of space Documentary national geography 2018

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Space of time Unsolved mysteries of space Documentary national geography 2018


Lalit Wanchoo says:

Very good documentary..!! Thank you

Issiac Moonstroller says:

If in the beginning here was nothing…. there would be nothing still. You cannot create "stuff" if there is no previous "stuff" to work with. There never was a beginning…….. it has always been here. Eternity is a fact.

Scott Mckeown says:

Thanks to everyone involved in this piece really enjoyed it !

Chris Walls says:

Yeh space. Just enough room to put our lasses shoes and crap in it.

Project 56 says:

The ' Big Bang' is just a theory,. God is just a theory. Everything they say in this and every other Space or religious documentary has not been proven,so they have no right to say it as if it is true…This is a good example of mind control..If you believe everything you are told then that's up to you…If it makes you feel good then so be it.

P Di says:

I have a real dump question but nobody could answer or i could find or research on the internet? If this is a true then why we need a theory? we should call a true law of….., shall we?? so we no need to observe…right. If we support big bang is true then we should know anything between these timeline. I always keep in my mind, if i am not clearly something then i said i don't know and on the way discover that, no need embarrassing and one day we discover it. Look now we need science no more because we do know most everything. no need a thing like theory but call it a god law.

Vaporeon PokéZ says:

I personaly believe that we live in a simulation and that the "big bang theory" is a little far away from realistic ^^

Aaa Abbas says:

fuck all of these people i said nothing, it is nothing, for those people who is nothing and who made of nothing, fuck fuck really your main is nothing

Jesse Pinkman says:

These space documentaries are all the same, nothing new in 15 years

Alexander William ZALESKI says:

That's a nice "Theory.' But is the Big Bang, just something science agrees with,because there exists no other explanation of the Universe? Perhaps the Universe, has ALWAYS existed. Perhaps the universe, has, in the past, ended many times. If there was a Big Bang…what exactly created such a astronomical explosion? Was the Universe white, before the Big Bang? If so…what existed in that white matter? Was it Black or was it blue or red?
For once, I'd like an actual scientist to state his/her theory, and at the end, simply say: "Honestly. We just don't know."

Zotev says:

Take a shot everytime you hear Space Time

Mason James says:

the basic nature of space time is a smelly fleshy clam.

Eddie Bruce says:

Couldn't space time, anti matter etc… Just be a part of gravity waves?

kirkabado says:

I like Mike Rowe !!!

John Jay says:

New drinking game: watch this, and everytime someone says "Space Time", do a shot. And everytime someone says: "Gravitational Waves", chug your beer.

saeedur rahman says:

All of those ideas are speculation

UMER M says:

Brilliant guy good job
Why people can't see this information
I love space documentary

dracwula says:

So what was before big bang? Universe was collapsed…condensed by a repeating big bang.. Vicious sycle of bag bang ban?? Can humanity survive or escape this gravity force? Hmm… And here today society is screwing over each other over…sad

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