TTMIK Interview – Joseph Park from North Korea

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How much do you know about North Korea? We ourselves don’t know much, either, so this was a very interesting interview for us, too!

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Ambi Cahira says:

This was so interesting and so much fun to watch!

Calvin Tong says:

Talk to me in 조선말

CyberMew says:

Is there internet over there?

Kara Thrace says:

Great video!! Always curious about day to day life in North Korea. Media tends to always show what is ‘sensationalized’ to grab attention.. I am more interested the average persons life. You would almost never hear about neighborhood wedding parties in the news. Also balanced with info about not having open choice of career that we take for granted and the military separation from family for such a long time. As always thanks for education!

RedEagle Games says:

just waiting to be paid this month to buy some books to learn korean!!!! already bought 2 books so far

Cover kpoper says:


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