Amazon Is Shaking Up A Healthcare Industry That’s Ripe For Disruption

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Business Insider executive editor Sara Silverstein sits down with senior correspondent Steve Kovach to discuss the impact of a plan by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan to create a healthcare company.

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Brian Perkins says:

I want better healthcare now! I am not waiting anymore. I want this now!

johnny6148 says:

bezos just Jew predator that fortunately look unhealthy

theking8356 says:

About time they do something with all that money. Also if they pull this off, that's a lot of power.

theking8356 says:

About time they do something with all that money.

Saketh Boyapally says:

The thumbnail says healtcare

Anthony Maldonado says:

Its true government websites look and work like the websites in the 90s they suck . Amazon should take over this game too there intelligent enough to pull it off go for it Amazon. Agent Crusher engage!

Rodo M. says:

healthcare deals with people NOT computers — We the people are very, very difficult to manage –there is no proper healthcare in the world –some are better than other countries but not good

Saul Ivan Rivas Vega says:

"Healtcare" on thumbnail

AJ Stidhum says:

Go Amazon save us all I have faith in you

Elijah Obasanya says:

Forget healthcare, he needs to personally finance the education of whoever created the thumbnail.

Shannon Green says:

I have a question: Why in the FUCK should I care? Simple question? I'm your regular person who does not work for any of the three organisations. How does that benefit me? Have a great day and take care of each other.

juki0h tuki says:

i welcome it! american healthcare system is outdated

Ian Cleveland says:

Weird… A free market fix…

Keene Tiedemann says:

More power to them. Good luck.

A Marmot says:

That Sara is a sharp cookie. Excellent interviewer.

Andrew Gisler says:

Healthcare is broken in the US because of government laws and regulations. We have constant innovations being made every year only because it's highly unregulated. How can anyone innovate in healthcare when there is nothing but regulations stopping you?

Enr1997 says:

Amazons healt care? Lol losers

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