Russia responds to Nato’s Norway drills

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NATO military exercises have kicked off in earnest in Norway. Although planned many years ahead, it comes amid a deterioration of relations between Europe and Russia.


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Putin Vladimir says:

"Every human being who loves freedom owes more thanks to the Red Army than anyone can pronounce in his whole life"

Arthur Don't says:

Russia got nukes, so all this exercise is for nothing, it's just to make military–industrial complex happy, so they can sell more weapons; if a big war starts EU will become a huge parking lot

Cristian Liviu says:

Poor russia , poor russians empire …. . The russians just cut their internet and are dead . Poor russian invaders …Where is midget Putler

Putin Vladimir says:

The political-military situation on the western border of Russia remains tense and could worsen, It will be up to Europe to say the last word, whether or not the Earth ends in a nuclear catastrophe. By joining NATO, Central and Eastern Europe allowed Washington to install its military presence on the borders of Russia. This military presence on the borders of Russia gave Washington undue confidence that even Russia could be forced to become its vassal state. Despite the terrible fate of the two best armies ever assembled – Napoleon's Great Army and the German Wehrmacht – Washington has not yet learned that there are two rules in the war: (1) Do not march on Russia. (2) Do not march on Russia. Europe has no advantage of being inside NATO. Europeans are not threatened by Russian aggression, but are threatened by Washington's aggression against Russia. If the elite of the neo-American power and its Israeli allies will succeed in provoking a war, all of Europe will be destroyed. Forever. How much is Washington's hegemony in the world for Europe? What do Europeans earn – as opposed to a handful of politicians who take money from Washington – for their vassalage in Washington? Europe can not even find an advantage for this. Washington apologists say Europe is afraid of being dominated by Russia. So why are not Europeans afraid of the 73 years of domination that Washington has exercised over Europe, a dominion that is leading them to a military conflict with Russia? Why does Europe accept this scenario? Is there nothing left of humanity or intelligence anywhere in Europe? Is it possible that Europe has become a herd of cattle waiting to be slaughtered by the machinations of neo-American madmen? Are not there any political leaders in Europe who have had some sense, a shred of integrity?

MMA Man J Knows says:

NATO wants to start a war with Russia every one knows it.

truthcrusades says:

Russia should commence drills with China in Mexico and Canada, and place nukes back in Cuba. I'm sure the US will not react to that at all.

Richard Goode says:

Defence of Europe as policy.

HO waterbrd says:

So Russian exercises on Russian territory are "aggressive", but several countries thousands of miles apart drilling at Russia's border is "open and transparent"? You guys must really think we're stupid.

Mag says:

Kick the Ruskies out of Europe !

Nikakis Kainourgios says:

The homosexual Jewangloamericans are doomed.

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