How did reporters get Dr. Christine Ford’s story?

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Conflicting stories emerge regarding how Dr. Ford’s identity was leaked; insight on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’


renge99O9 says:

How does the liberal media get their hands on ANY story? Their masters throw them a bone and command them to SPEAK, same way Democrat politicians get their money.

Carol Krenn says:

I will never ever forget this case. Ever. The deceit, the lies and the behaviour of adult people who are in powerful posts right in front of our eyes. What I will never forget is they found this man 'guilty' and that Dr Ford who stated in front of the world who were watching that disgusting testimony of forgetfulness. Yeh should of reported it to the police in the first instance why your memory came back like the rest of us do, so they can build a case. I've never been so disgusted.

Hangfire-13 says:

Feinswine has a long history of lying about any and everything in the state of Kalifornia…

Pat Garrett says:


Jerry FromUSA says:

Democrats gave us Christine ford now the caravan.

Bea-MT says:

Why are people who apparently can't remember questions they've asked their staff and then magically remembering on the spot to attempt save their own ass allowed to be on the senate? That lady looks like she's in her 90's and shouldn't be handling anything.

Jerry FromUSA says:

When Christine ford invented the party she had to populate it with at least one other girl or it would be an odd party. All boys. One girl. Not looking good. The problem is the party never happened. She therefore had no choice but to cast it. She chose her friend. . Had she came up with one more “I can’t remember” she would have been even more ridiculous. The friend did not corroborate. The story is so obviously fake that the Democrats shot themselves in the foot by backing it so adamantly. Anyone who adamantly backs an obviously fake, politically motivated story looks totally foolish.

Nancy Rocks says:

Ford is a master manipulator and liar. She acts helpless. I can't stand women who act like children. She is a child and needs mental health treatment. It's scary she is a professor of psychology when she lies and manipulated others. She didn't care she could have destroyed a good man. Disgusting!!!


Ford leaked it. She claims to have wanted her letter kept secret know she gave it to Dianne Feinstein and to those in the Democratic party because she knew that they would leak it nobody believes anything that this line hypocrite has to say and she can just stop the lies because she's being exposed on a daily basis can't stand this woman

Joe Ayala says:

a staffer member working for Feinstein linked the info. and when the source says that they didnt get the info from Feinstein's office, is a DEAD give-a-way.

gator 8 says:

Ford might have fibbed…a little.
Hillary too.

Jennifer Bata says:

Ford is kavanahau

Jim Dandy says:

She committed perjury. Prosecute this liar. Feinstein lied as well. The democrats lied and overplayed their hand. They lost their seat and A,Erica didn't buy their media or bullshit.

Bigdog427 says:

And she is actually a licensed psychologist-lord help us !

F B says:

Vote the rats out in the midterms. Vote republican.

Quentin Turner says:

All these people look like hollow shells of their old selfs. They don't seem like they are were they wish they were.

Jack Cameron says:

Fienstien was responsible for her information, and therefore she needs to be accountable for the leak.

She should be disciplined for the FOIPOP leak and fired.

CB H says:

I think here father molested her and she's using Bret Cavanagh to replace her father's molestation act.

w p says:

That ancient douche bag Feinstein !

Rhonda Hoynes says:

Sick of Liars!!! Come clean Folks! Karma always comes back full circle. Total Purgery! Jail the liars!!!

Activist Pam says:

I just listened to Dr. Fords testimony again. So many holes!! I've heard the second door on her house was added for Google interns she had staying there, not for her claustrophobia. And there is no second door on her other house. Also, why at age 15, would she go upstairs, in a strangers house?!!

Kev smalle says:

Dr? Ford is a fraud
A liar, a cheat, a thief, a slanderer, a perpetrator of libel and an all around nutjob

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