10 Questions To Ask Before Starting Cancer Treatments!

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Dr. Peter Glidden explains why we still have a ‘war on cancer’ when it was started more than 40 years ago. He discusses a study that points out the incredible failure rate of chemotherapy and offers 10 simple questions you should ask before you start a cancer treatment.


Victoria Czuba Cummings says:


Rose Gathoni says:

Yes. A tumor is a symptom of something going on in the body. It's the body's way of warning you that something is wrong. Nothing will change unless the cause is addressed.

Donna G. says:

I appreciate when any Dr. speaks the truth but I don't appreciate it when they say 'nobody is addressing it'. Of course, there are alternative Dr.'s addressing it. Perhaps he meant there are no MEDICAL Dr.'s addressing it.

Kay-Jay O'Bryan says:

They are not in the business of curing people… They make far too much money from treating people's symptoms than they would if they cured it. Chemo does NOT kill cancer, It only kills the stem, It does NOT kill the root. Search Rick Simpson on Youtube/Google and do your homework. Nine executives at Cancer Research UK earn more than the Prime Minister, including chief executive Harpal Kumar, who pockets up to £240,000 a year. Kumar, 50, lives in a luxury £1.6m home in north-west London. Is anyone surprised why they don't want a cure????? Cancer Is Not A Disease But A Business. WAKE UP!!

Gra Xx says:

These channels are full of deluded people looking for alternative cure miracles,like sheep to the slaughter tell them what they want to hear and they will believe it!!!

Gra Xx says:

Yes but your'er NOT a doctor,stop the bullshitting!! Your degree's means STUFF ALL!! I have stopped my stage four pancreatic cancer spreading for five straight months now due to chemo and Black Seed Oil. I will still die,but I'm amazing the oncologists that i'm still strong and healthy. MY OPINION,if you choose to IGNORE CHEMO,you will die!!! You STILL might die doing chemo,but it has the results and research behind it. I don't give a DAMN for your "FACTS",I have talked to my oncologist nurse who has been giving chemo for FORTY YEARS and SHE says she has seen many patients LIVE LONGER!!! So who am I going to believe,my EXPERIENCE of putting myself into remission of one of the DEADLIEST cancers,and HER experience,or your BIASED babbling!!! NO THANKS I will keep going the way I'm going thank you very much!!! YOU are BABBLING SHIT!!!!!
LET me tell you now, if you ask your oncologist will chemo cure you everyone of them will give you the truth and say we can only hope for good results. They are NOT in the business of LYING to you!! STOP being a prick you rouge!!! Stop the put down.I would jail you if I had my way. YOU ARE DANGEROUS!.YOU are talking SHIT,I have had over fifteen appointments with my oncologist with lengthy discussions. You are a book selling scammer.

cs Liverpool Fc says:

I m just waiting for him to say " Fuck you doctor"….lol

Keith Kline says:

Bull Shit, there are alot of patients that are still alive due to successfully treatment.

S Karena says:

Yep those are some straight forward questions to ask though. Don't be shy people to ask. Its your life on the line and you have every right to know how it will play out with the chemo drugs. Best bet would be something more natural like cannabis oil etc natural organic foods.

nywvblue says:

My father's CEA blood test results just today arrived — they show his levels returned to NORMAL — 2.1!!!!! Before the 8-week high dose curcumin protocol, the levels were 4.8. IT WORKED.
Chemo is NOT the only option. Do not let them tell you so!!

Gaia 5D says:

Thank you so much! Sharing….

Pass it back!! says:

Nice haircut doctor lol


I think the questions he poses are very good and should be asked by any concerned patient and answered honestly by every doctor. I do have a problem with him citing the specific study he metnions of the low survival rate of patients who use chemotherapy. I'm not saying that he is incorrect necessarily (I would need to do more research) but I am saying that he is misinterpreting that specific study. see https://www.metabunk.org/debunked-dr-peter-glidden-chemotherapy-only-works-2-of-the-time.t8860/

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