Top 10 Banned Ads Of All Time – Funny Super Bowl Commercials 2018

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Banned Commercials Funny Compilation – Top Banned Ads Of All Time
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Selina2006 Cats says:

I donโ€™t even know how some of these were banned. Only a few should have been.

Selina2006 Cats says:

I donโ€™t even know how some of these were banned. Only a few should have been.

Play Time says:



This is y i never liked spiders

Birfek says:

1:572:22 it was aired in Polish TV 6 years ago. I know because I'm Polish ๐Ÿ™‚

tirelessfish10 fish says:

Why can't the second clip be a kitchen

Lily Snape says:

The Nissan Ad … Was there REALLY A FUCKING LINE that says a snowboarding car is only fantasy?

Gacha girl 101 :P says:

3:43 whats so wrong about that one…?

Jack Montgomery says:

1:36 thank me later

Doom Archvile says:

Idk everyone get easily offended sometimes. The other day I decided to show a cashier clerk a bullet casing I found,from an m103 turret. I live near a military base,so sometimes you can find large discarded ammunition lol. Anyways the clerk appeared intimidated and threatened to call the police if I didn't leave and get the casing out his face. I know technically it's illegal to have certain Calibre types on person,even if it's not live.

Oscar Zirfas says:

I clean my balls

Star lord says:

The mentos made me laugh

Kelly Norman says:

Stupid all crap

VR Terri Josie says:

0:58 RUH ROH

amir quivers says:

Pretty sure most of those are fake

Starco Sucks It's Killing SVTFOE says:

The second one. What the fUcK.

Shamindra Chaudhuri says:

Axe Detailer cleans your balls.

Gamer Wolfy says:

thats one strong spider xD

Gamer Wolfy says:

Why did the second one get banned? xD

Gamer Wolfy says:

The first one xDDDDDDD

Trey Krumel says:

the first one was the most classic.

Oh Noes says:

The old spice one


Pumchimn Gumchin says:

Hows the lite bear one thats sick lol

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