Red Dead Redemption 2 UFO mystery – how to see an alien ship

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GTA 5’s Mount Chiliad mystery is back with the Red Dead Redemption 2 UFO hunt. Here’s how to track the flying saucer down.

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i Gallito says:

Im scared of enter in those shacks since one guy told me that he wants to share food with me, then he rape me :c

Sam the Onion Man says:

Cowboys vs Aliens DLC

alex69 says:

This video will have 16 Million views in 2024

Yan says:

This is it guys, Cowboys vs Aliens DLC confirmed! Arthur about to pull up with a Ray gun

steve insert name. says:

Night time on my game always looks really bright even with the tv brightness down .. I'm confused as to why this doesn't

ayeayeayeist says:

i discovered that house just because so i had no idea of a ufo, so when i saw that green light i just started to fuckin trip out. good shit rockstar.

Any NickelSane says:

It would be too crazy to think that this actually could relate to some real life shit that happened back then and still would, but far more crazy to think that if so they would never tell it humanity.. we travel time and space, we are one!!


I think i may have just found a lead on a potential third ufo. I found two oddly shaped trees near annesburg. It let me inspect the first one which was shaped like a letter "u" but when i found a second one a little later on and inspected that one, I got the those strange ufo sounds coming out of no where. Im trying to see if i can find a third oddly shaped tree to see if it progresses this mystery. I'll probably post it later on. It was pretty creepy. I still want to see if i can find any further clues or maybe a third tree before i post it. I should probably not, i did interact with these trees during the night time so i dont know if that makes a difference

multigames 8.5 says:

Cowboys vs aliens in a nutshell

Kevin Galvan says:

To safe time here is when he sees the UFO at 6:27.

Michael Bode says:

how you gonna give him a thumbs down? he said what he was going to show you and he showed you. maybe thumbs down means awesome in dumbassville.

GameBros 263 says:

This looks like a cowboy vs alien reference in my opinion

epic peppy says:

Is the mountain part of this?. I was there and found a carving on side of it depicting what looks like sun and a time. Its at top of that mountain on a cliff. I also found some aged pirate rum.

MrCkennedy357 says:

You don't have to go the the mountain, just go to the shack at night

Geronimo's Unboxing says:

I was in this house too but there was no letter on the table?!

EpicDuty says:

I got fucking scared when I got in the little house and the beam came

Leonardo S. Fagundes says:

I just went to the cabin during the night. It was a little scary since the ship showed wile I was reading the note.

Masgaz says:

appreciate the decency to cover his face, but those grunts are just way too distinct…

Captain Shark98 says:

And so the GTA 5 mystery continues

Blade Runner says:

Can you do a comparison of all previous towns in RDR1

Sebastian Gomez says:

Whats up with Rockstar and aliens?

QC Drone says:

love the little touches rockstar always adds like the eagles at the top of the mountain etc.

x60Gamer says:

Damn UFOs in old times? Lmao they fucked real bad

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