Living Room| Kitchen| Bedroom| Interior Design By CEEBEE Design In Bangalore

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This property is located in electronic city and belongs to Arpita & Joy.
We wanted to keep the opulence for what they are used to back there in Dubai but in a more understated way, as we will see when we go through the interiors inside.

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Donna Karen says:

Beautiful decor but a dust magnet.

Shama Parveen says:

Maam what's your budget…

kiran Negi says:

Your best work so far i guess ..I m saying on the basis of you tube channel…jut loved it and that puja was divine

Harshit Jain says:

Service outside Bangalore available
I want to seek your service in Lake city Udaipur

Chitralekha Biswas says:

Would like to add a little information on the budget aspect . Each site is in a different condition when we start work and lots of civil work , plumbing , electrical , Rennovation , flooring etc might be included in the budget which is not viable to the naked eye and we just think about the cost of the things that are tangible and in the video. So giving a budget is in no way the real view of any project cost . And if we give approximate costs they are as I said approximate and not actual

Shikha Gupta says:

Mam such a beautiful house I really love your work n watch all the videos u r such a talented person. I wish u can also renovate my house

Trishita Mukherjee says:

I like the puja area….I am from Kolkata … please provide your contact number

susmita ghosh sarkar says:

Can I get the price plz.

rajendra mathew fortes says:

How to contact yr studio.I live in Goa

B.N Guruprasad Sahu says:

Very beautiful …What is the cost ?

Anurag Gupta says:

Mam what was the budget you were allocated for this project? Pls!

Srilatha S says:

Wow after a long time !! It is always a delight to watch your creations, super classy !!! Awaiting for more!

Baageshrii V says:

I just Love Your Work Dear. Ur imagination are marvelous. Can u plz show us some Home Office Tour. I would love to see that.

Neelam Desai says:

There is a class in all of your work done… every job has its own uniq feature
As far as this project is concerned those electrical points on the statement wall of dining area looks little weird…
Can you share any of your work done in Mumbai ?

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