Introduction to Google Apps Script

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Ever wonder what that script editor on the toolbar was all about? Here I am trying to explain very basic usage of the script editor for teachers.

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dins GTJ says:

Hi Jordon can U help me setting time stamp that will stop when a cell is mark with a letter in a tab and it will stop or show a video how to set them. TQ.

Sam Chaney says:

Great video! I'm a little confused about the indexing for the array of the function argument. In my testing it seems like the indexing changes depending on how many cells you select. If you select more than one row and column, it seems to be [row][column][character] but if you only select one cell, that no longer seems to be true. I need to know what the contents of the array will be when I pass different cells into the function. Thanks!

Cins Efendi says:

I like, maybe i can use features later on

Joseph Fenton says:

great job – prob could use more clarification on how the contents of the "names" array are populated… took me a minute to figure out it was being populated by the spreadsheet itself. Cool stuff!

Santos A Hernández Mendoza says:

Hello Jordan. I have found your video tutorials excellent and well explained. Could you do one of how to pass data from Add on to the document or spreadsheet ?. I have searched but I have not found any. I would really appreciate it and thank you for what you do.

Daniel Holanda says:

Hi Jordan, first of all, thank you very much for give us a bit of your knowledge. I am having an error on my trying: When I try this> function emails(names) {
return names [0][0][0] + names[0][0][1];
and call the function on my sheets My result is this: Fernanda Breston Fundefined <- this is wrond, and I cannot see the mistake. Could you help me with this? Once again, thank you very much!

Charles Murray says:

im getting a ReferenceError: "logger" is not defined. (line 4, file "Code")Dismiss
…what am i doing wrong ?

Paul Owens says:

Can't understand. Can't understand any of the example . Why?
Isn't there a link to a much easier how to; video for starters ?

P Seoane says:

What was the thing about Publish..on 29:30 ?

Ian Finlay says:

Loved the side bar example, and freecodecamp referral. Can you do more on sidebar using say check boxes to show hide columns/rows in the sheet? similar to VSTO in docx

Lorenzo Mazza says:

randomKey function shouldn't have +1 at the end because it starts from 0

R B says:

Great intro, thanks for this! Would be great to see another dealing with how to write scripts dealing with handling dates…that's been throwing me.

B. Developments says:

It's <key, value> not <key, pair>…

Cătălin George Feștilă says:

management websites with Blogger API , or maybe Google Apps Script to parse text from google drive docs issues .

Jacob Christianson says:

Thank you so much for this video!! It was easy to understand, not at all repetitive, and gave me a good start!

Jeannette Milland Vigio says:

Very good examples. Thanks!

Higinio Fuentes says:

Very good intro to scripting with google sheets. (Maybe less doubts where better !)
If you want the functions appears when you write it down in spreadsheet, the thing to do is before the function definition:
Your comment
This should do the trick 😉

CerebralAudio says:

Thank you for this tutorial. You certainly ahve given me a very quick over view of where I need to start with the project I am working on. Thank you again!

teto says:

At 1.5 speed this is perfect. Thank you so much.

Markus Moore says:

Who’s watching this at 2x the speed?

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