[Official] UEFA EURO 2016/PES 2016 30 Second Launch Trailer

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Welcome to the artistic stage. Create your own dramatic moments in UEFA EURO 2016 Official Video Game/PES 2016 with the launch of the physical edition on PS4 and PS3. ESRB Rating: EVERYONE

Purchase the UEFA EURO 2016 Official Video Game/PES 2016 physical edition and you’ll also be given a code for a series of myClub promotions, including an ambassador agent, seven EURO special agents and 10,000GP for 10 weeks.

UEFA EURO 2016, only available in PES.

Buy PES 2016 now:
PS4/PS3: https://pes.konami.com/en/buy-now-euro/

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Felipe Gomes says:

Pes 2017 devia vir a repeticao dos penaltis quando os dois times for para os penalti

Diego says:

esses goleiros lixooooos


Thank You Konami For Getting The License For Arsenal For Pes 2017 Keep Up The Work Guys

DallaStudios says:

Why the PC version looks pale in comparison to next-generation consoles? These question torments me version opinion 2015.This year is enough time to copy NextGen PC smack because players will not do anything and yet have a PC with a x5 times more powerful, and why still do not have a license? Please ensure that the next version eventually contain these things, and that you are not afraid of competition, and they did a good game polished, and not done at the time.

Gamer Vex says:

konami te amo

100K sem nenhum vídeo!! says:

When are we going to see something abou pes 2017?

Edwin Mursia says:

fix ur penalties, actually fix ur whole fuckin game u shit eaters

Emiliano Gonzalez says:

For Android please

Gabriel Mendoza Atisha says:

exelente trabajo me gusto mucho like

Victor Bravo Nieto says:

al menos actualicen las caras…!!!! Rakitic ya tiene el pelo corto 0:11 y Griezmann hace tiempo ya no tiene ese peinado 0:14 … cada vez van perdiendo pasión este juego, que lástima

jorgeforeverxxx says:

pes this good will update the pes

xKr0WseRx says:


Vapex Karma says:

Konami putting in the work! Take a look at their player faces on my channel, FIFA can't compete!

Kakarot says:

Good quick version, wonder if it will be shown here in the UK, probably not but oh well.

Osek Kosek says:

FIFA >pes

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