What You Should Know About Getting a Career In Astronomy/Astrophysics

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This video will cover how to get into space research (such as astrophysics or astronomy) and some research that is going on.

For those looking into space related majors, your best options are astronomy and astrophysics. However, as an undergrad you will usually just start as a physics major then pick a more specific discipline in grad school.

You also will need to get a PhD if you want to do work in astrophysics or astronomy. There really aren’t jobs in these fields for those with just bachelor’s degrees.

Although the field is very competitive, if you have a true interest for the subject, most people will tell you to pursue it. Even if you don’t land a job that you want, astrophysicists and astronomers can find work in other fields such as finance, engineering, software development, teaching, and more.


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Pascal Riachi says:

march 30 2021 is the launch date for the webb telescope

Pushpa Singh says:

Can a arts student study astronomy after 12th please tell me

Lord Sunny says:

Well it is scientifically proven that the Earth is flat, geocentric, and stationary. I am a practicing Firmaphysicist that is studying firmaphysics.

Mom's Failure says:

I'm trying to think if I want to be a cinematographer and make movies because I absolutely LOVE working with film and editing.
But I'm also thinking about astrophysics because I love physics, I like to think I'm pretty good at it. Knowing how the universe works would be incredible; I've always loved space.

So basically, the first option is my REAL passion but pays low and chances of success are low.
And the second option isnt necessarily my top pick, but I'd settle. It pays a little better, but is a shit ton of work.

Man someone just kill me now lol

Chris Barker says:

I worked at a restaurant with 3 people who had master degrees or PhD in Astro physics. Lol

김지수 says:

I’m in 8th grade. I’m stuck between a neurosurgeon and astronomy I love both I don’t know what to do

agauerm says:

Isn't it funny that they call astronomy and astrophysics a science, when in fact it is all sci-fi, fantasy?? All ideas, hunches, then they try to make them work by fitting those ideas into equations that they come up with to "corroborate" an idea… And the reality is that they don't even know what our sun is or how it works, do you think they figured the rest of the universe?? lmao

CHRxSTN24 says:

I’m 14 turning 15 this December i get decent grades, never failed any subject but doesn’t get outstanding grades, is it too late for me to become an astronomer/astrophysicist?

Samsung Geek says:

Well time to scrap my dreams

Xarix says:

CERN??????!!!! Okabe warned meee

Angela T. says:

I'm taking IB physics HL as a junior this year but so far I'm struggling. Is this a sign that I shouldn't look into astrophyiscs? I'm interested in taking Astrophysics as a major however I do like programming. Can I do any programming in astrophysics?

rezynski al varozhyni says:

I need to share this to my friend who is working hard and dreams to be astronomer one day

Creeper Ninja says:

it's September 2018

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