The History of Mathematics and Its Applications

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MajorPrep says:

Numbers/Counting (00:00)
Logic (00:50)
Euclids Elements/Euclidean Algorithm (2:16)
Cryptography (3:05)
Calculating the Radius of Earth (4:54)
Calculus (5:06)
Graph Theory (6:20)
Topology (7:51)
Fourier Analysis (9:17)
Group Theory (10:15)
Boolean Algebra (12:21)
Set Theory (12:45)
Markov Chains (15:40)
Game Theory (17:05)
Chaos Theory (18:17)
Geodesics (19:51)
Fermat's Last Theorem (20:08)
Millenium Prize Problems (20:40)
You can maybe go back to doing that homework you're procastinating (21:17)

Not everything in the video is exactly in chronological order but most of them are. I know I didn't include everything of course but there was constant back and forth of should I go over more topics in less detail, or less topics in more detail…I hoped this would be a happy medium.

Solai Ramanathan Laxman says:

SIT_University of Glasgow Aeronautical Engineering or Mechtronics? I'm from Singapore Polytechnic pursuing my diploma in Mechanical Engineering, my CGPA is 3.2. I don't really like mechanical Engineering due to the modules like materials, designing and machining. I wanna work in the IT field. HELPP me choose between the 2options I have.

Emilia Alvarado says:

May you make a video about the “aptitude tests” engineers take before getting accepted in college? I googled some and there are a lot of tests, but it would be nice to hear from your experience during the application process involving tests.
(I know it depends on the college, but if someone knows about practice test or what to expect it would be nice to hear some advice).

Hriday Shah says:

Hi! I am from India and I am still in the 8th grade but I want to do engineering and your videos helped me to understand and choose which stream I want to do in engineering. I am confused between mechanical and aerospace. Can you please help me?

Mohammed Omayri says:

Hey man, what is job outlook for Electrical Engineers in the U.S for the coming years?

Lacy Paile says:

really interesting! the graphics made everything really easy to understand 🙂 also congrats on 100k!!!

J S says:

I'm only 6 mins into this video but this is a solid general understanding of the history of maths. I have an AS in Math from a US college but also have a deep passion for math. Bravo on this thoughtful and factual video. Rare find!

Fahmi Hidayat says:

You've got a new like here! This video has so much information!

dave mayer says:

Wow this is really helpful!

Kyle Countryman says:

u said pie hair recedes vocies women

Kyle Countryman says:

homographices ?u

dani ortega says:

I expected a detailed history of math but this was too rushed and you skipped a lot of things. Why not cover trig and geometry? Would have made a really long video? Yes, but that can be fixed by making series, covering maybe one branch of math on each video. I wanted names, dates and stories of important people in detail.

TheFrostyElement says:

I’m currently pursing a BS in CS but I’m thinking of switching to BS Math with minor CS.. Do you have any advice as to what kind of jobs/fields i could work in? Thanks

Francisco Russo says:

100K Special?

Sakib Sadman says:

YOO MAKE THIS A SERIES I want more detail

Siddharth Jindal says:

Love you man. No homo

Spencer Allbritton says:

Loved this video man! Please do more! I would love it if you could do a history of specific mathematical subjects like “The History of Calculus,” or Algebra, Geometry, Topology, etc… and physics and engineering subjects like fluid mechanics, engineering mechanics, quantum field theory, and so on. Just an idea, I think you have a wealth of potential and material for this “A History of…” type of video.

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