Ophelia British Film Festival 2018 Trailer (Daisy Ridley)

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Moira T says:


Ana Rodrigues says:

Wow! 15k views. You made the movie appear.

Mauser says:

Naomi looks stunning. Gave me chills!! Can't wait for digital/DVD release!!!

DragonRebelRose says:

I'm in love with this movie already, when can we see it?!

Paula Alva says:

OMG looks so amazing. Need it to watch this soon please!!

Batfleck 1977 says:

Well I don't have to see the movie now. I got it all in the trailer 🙁

Даниель Жариков says:

Kylo Ren misses his chance

Kylo Ren Reylo says:

Rey, you betrayed me!!

Rey of Jakku says:

Go eat a big fat dick kylo, I have a new and better man now

Daisy Ridley Videos says:

Honestly I've just seen the whole film. Thanks a lot Sony

Charles Iannini says:

Fianily the trailer

Rey Kenobi says:

Lmao Reylo fans have left the server, gosh imagine all the reylo manips

Annie says:

Outside of Star Wars, I'm happy that Daisy Ridley is picking scripts that will test her acting ability. Honing one's craft is always admirable.

HS Lee says:

daisy ridley always reminds me of Kate McKinnon.

Long Live says:

Daisy's first kiss in a movie

wendyz says:

that's my girl!

psychorvd says:

I want to see Tom Felton in this trailer but this trailer is bad bc he's not here :'/

Riho Z says:

I would 100% watch it!

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