Al Gore concedes presidential election of 2000

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On December 13th, 2000 Vice President Al Gore conceded the election to George W. Bush after a grueling 36-day Florida recount battle.


Jenn Gray says:

Were fucked

长途商务舱机票5到8折 says:

Decent speech

petulant says:

Al Gore is a first class snake.

President Mermaidman says:

Hey can someone in this comments explain what major bad things Bush did, I know some of them like the great recession and the whole Bush knew about 9/11 but that's it, It looks like there not to big a deal, and that people are just taking things out of proportion I mean he one twice that's got to say something.

President Mermaidman says:

I voted for Bush because Gore never cared about if our kids is learning

14DaveHunter says:

Sadly, he and Tipper divorced years later.

Christopher Gudger-Raines says:

tl;dr Al out!

Ed Colton says:

If Gore had won, then would have Obama won in 2008?

CAX117 says:

Lieberman was a terrible VP Candidate. Same as Tim Kaine

V Ling says:

I wish Gore was president.

Smitty's Sports and Politics says:

Gore would have carried on Clinton's economic success. He won the popular vote and there's no doubt in my mind he won Florida if you count the hanging chads and ballots cast for Buchanan that were intended to vote for Gore


Thank God Gore was vanquished from office. Campaign Bumper Sticker…SORE-LOSERMAN…..

ctwatcher says:

Tipper! Tipper! She died because of green energy!!!

rl 0207 says:

When you are from Bush family and have friends in Supreme Court

Ahmad Ali says:

I like Gore so much I wish I he had won. His victory would have been great not just for America but for all the world. But instead America had bush 9/11 Afghanistan,Iraq thousands of deaths creation of a police state and recession which led to collapse of economy.

Everything Star Wars says:

I don’t think Donald dump would have To courage to do what Gore did

Stoned Prophet says:

He's super cereal.

daboys1215 says:

Thank gawd he lost.

Communist Elmo says:

Americans are so dumb lmfao. Not only did they vote for Bush in 2000 but in 2004 as well. Only in America folks will you find people so stupid

Paul Lincoln says:

Vice President Al Gore in 2000 was more honorable and respectful compare to Crooked Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Ben Varela says:

Now I remember why I left the Democratic Party

Chili's Steak says:

The court should have stayed out. Democratic freedom allows all votes to be recognized. If they refused Bush, Gore would have been president. This can't happen in the future. After 2016, it should be clear.

Kimchi Archer says:

Is that a al gore doll?

Michael Petersen says:

Gut-punch at 0:27 … such a great and funny moment.

ThePhreakass says:

Best moment of the 2000 election

Shabbat Man says:

Where the fuck are you Al?

Steve Evets says:

He shouldn't have conceded.

Ben Gilbert says:

Thank God George Bush won!

Georgia Smith says:

He only wanted to ride bubba s coat tails

doorknobman 95 says:

bush did 9/11

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