Best Moments – Tour de France 2018

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Louis Hillion says:

quel moment incroyable la victoire de john degentkolb

Aaron Householder says:

What a beautiful sport! What a great video!

David Gibson says:

Fantastic cinemaphotography

flo says:

this is more than a sport

Julien ESPIL says:

Magnifique ❤❤

Savak says:

i legit can't wait ughhhhhh

Suka Blyat says:


8jb XP says:

shame to see nothing of lawson craddock, great vid

がんバルデ says:

Querer es poder!!!!!!

Husyer Hus says:

2 français pour les maillot distinctif

Husyer Hus says:

C quand même rare de voir un sprint à 5 à l'alpe d'huez

Chase Brown says:

Wonderfully edited video. It perfectly tells the story of an amazing Tour…&, without narration. Bravo & well done. Vive le Tour!

Jason Pacanuayan says:

This is im waited for this video more dramatic ,inspiration highlights ect than one best moment last 3 months . I hate last one because dint make so good i knew it they always best highlight in October

Adam Bowser says:

That’s a better best of than the previous one. There was more Dumoulin. About the next route I wish the ITT was longer. Still the new route looks interesting.

Oleg Chelyak says:

1:39 the best way to use slow motion

Timothé GAREL says:

Can't wait for TDF 2019

NorZ _69 says:

Team sky ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Chris From….

Michał Wojdyło says:

Vive le TOUR!

Mathieu N says:

Superbe best of

voxyy. says:

Really enjoyable !

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