Materials, Methods, and Estimating Class – Interior Design Student VLOG 1

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Hi my name is Ba Do! and I make video of my everyday life as an interior design student to show what I do in class, I think it help people visually see what is really going on in the class room.
Hope my video help you guys somehow. Please share my video with anyone you know that interested in interior design career
Much love xoxo!!
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books: estimating and costing for interior designers by Diana Allison

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Bảo Ngọc La says:

Chị ơi, em có thể hỏi cách để thi ngành interior design này được không ạ? Mình có cần phải giỏi môn Lý hay phải thi Lý không ạ?

somy says:

Does the amount of years you do interior design matter? Where I live they only offer 1 year diplomas or 2 year associate degrees and I'm afraid it might not be enough…

Khang Pham says:

Hello, are you Vietnamese:))?

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