How to become a web designer in 2018

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How to become a web designer in 2018

In this video, I am going to discuss how to become a web designer in 2018. Becoming a web designer is getting competitive so here’s how to become a web designer from scratch. The 5 things will teach you how to become a web designer fast.

1. Learn WordPress Here a link to signup for a FREE WordPress Mastery Course You also need to master a page builder. I recommend Divi, you can buy it here

2. Learn paid and free traffic strategies

3. Learn how to create funnels

4. Learn design skills and software like Photoshop, here’s a link to my course

5. Learn how to create basic videos


Rick Hema says:

Thank you Mak, excellent content and video.

Clay Wright says:

Great video. Have you checked out Builderall? Lots of good info and platform over all, I am playing with it now and love it so far!

Umme Hanni says:

didn't get this funnel thing??

Rafaela Mognon says:

Thank you MAK! I love all your videos (:

Dennis Benedictos says:

Great video Mak! Creating funnels is something I still need to gain experience. Can you do more tutorials regards to funnels? If you can use an example? What are the advantages of creating funnels via web builder compare to creating via paid applications like Clickfunnel?

George Van Valkenburg says:

THANK YOU…………………………

Sadaf Javid says:

Thank you ver much MAK

Keld Guldhammer says:

Thank you good tips – but man you should get a better microphone, the sound is really bad.

Keith Miller says:

Excellent video Mak! ….as always:)

Travis N. says:

Fantastic Content!!! Very helpful!

Hina Mehar says:

Thank you for making this video. It's been great help for people who're starting web designing by their own. But I did not get the idea of funnel.

vsondheimdesign says:

Thank you so much. I appreciate the "list" and your explanations. Love the video suggestion!

Web Cho Mọi Người says:

It's very helpful, thank you so much Mak

Dastgeer Moon says:

Great video MAK.. like it very much… i will try to keep this way of my learning curve.

RJ2018 Acc says:

Thanks for the tips, just started so don't have too much to add but I appreciate the advice.. Thanks Mak

MrHoochnuts says:

Nice one, Mak!

Tade Agbesanwa says:

I'll add 'research and select a niche' especially if you're just starting out – for instance you may specialize in restaurants, gyms etc. Offer add-ons – table reservations, member slots, online booking etc. Most of these functions have WordPress plugins that can help


Hi Mak
Your videos are very informative.
Please make videos for extra theme as well.

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