The Health Guru Who Eats 5,000 Calories in One Meal & Says He’s Healthy

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Health guru and Instagram sensation Blake Horton shares the reasoning behind his extreme intermittent fasting and eating routine, which consists of having one 5,000-calorie meal per day. Find out how he’s eating to lose weight.

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Daniel Charette says:

Increase your fat intake , lower the carbs , and you wont have to eat 30 lbs of food

IloveDaniel says:

Intermittent fasting FTW!!! Couldn’t imagine my life without it.

Gergo049 says:

I sense bullshit sensationalism. I'd like to see how all that food goes down in one go.

Jhonathan Santiago says:

Bodybuilders/powerlifters who watch this like me will understand how this makes us shake our heads lol

Totally Raw says:

Dr Oz is starting to look OLD!

Totally Raw says:

I don't like his shoes and no socks! Very bad look!! Looks totally gay!

Amy Lee says:

I agree with him i do intermittent fasting too, not as extreme as he does it tho,
i wake up and do:
-6 hours of fasting
-8 hour eating window (i eat 1k calories)
-6 hours of fasting then go to sleep (i sleep for approximately 8 hours)

I find that squeezing my calories in an 8 hour window is better then trying to spread them out in a 16 hour window, it allows me to eat more caloric dense food = more delicious food.

Gorb Locke says:

Of course its hard to sleep,those foods give you tons of energy, so you could eat around 4-5hrs before bed.

Oh Jetty says:

His stamina must be horrendous..

Sliver Pleb says:

These comments make me cringe all you retards have to do to lose weight is to be in a caloric deficit literally nothing you do will make you lose weight if your eating more then you burn do IF if it helps you not over eat pretty fucking simple

David Williams says:

4 pounds of veggies in one meal blew me away the most. How pooping isn't this man's full-time job is beyond me. Also he eats more carbs in one day than I do in three.

Daniel Nnadigwe says:

My chips aren't deep fried for hours

Lekok says:

" calories " this and " calories " that. Why does everyone sound like a little bitch to me when they talk about calories.

Astro Mars says:

There is nothing special about this! It's all BS! He is young. He only eats once a day. I used to do that and I never has issues with weight until I turn 50. I am waiting for when he turns 50, let's see how it goes! LOL I can guarantee you that the body that he has will disappear overnight! Keep dreaming people!

Di Di says:

This diet seems like it would attract a lot of bulimics/people with BED


Most People don't have the mental toughness… it was hard at 1st but now I fast 20 hours and have a eating window of 4 hours. Lost about 20lbs and feel amazing. My energy has increased as well!

Uchiha Sasuke says:

How tf does he only sleep 2hrs and 45 minutes?!

jason park says:

Dude this guy is just bulking and cutting everyday

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