My Experience with Sports

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i’ve done a sport or two in my day

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Behind the Scenes:

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you 😀 ur better than any sport~


Valpire says:

Hey Jaiden, it seems that nobody is sure if you’re pansexual or not…. including me lol. Maybe you should leave a comment or something saying whether you are or not? 🙂

Cookie DQ says:

Jaiden knows my hero academia!? LIFE COMPLETE!!!!!

Julio Pascua Laurel says:

I love the karate footage because I laughed so hard that I felt like I should get injured or something.

Drew the commander247 says:

Talking about tennis when I was like 7 or 4 but I was trying out tennis when we were playing a small game to help us get the point of it but when It was me vs this girl and when I did a epic shot and then continued to do really hard ones which made the ball go over nine thousand mph and and . Actually she just Franks to much water and sudden,y the court was just water aka she peed in here pants so ya I did it want to do tennis after that.

The_p0dcast says:

Tennis is a sport because it’s on wii sports

bowling is also a sport

aTastyBeverage says:

Has she seen The Prince of Tennis?

the c.n.a. girls says:

Finaly new video

Ranndamu says:

6:32 .. pansexual?

XpertPandazz says:

Why was 6 afraid of 7?

Because 6 had a crush on 7 ever since middle school, but couldn’t build up the courage to ask him out. His friends 8 and 9 pushes her to ask him out to prom, and he said yes. They fell in love and got married, 7 got a job as an electrician and 6 played as a house wife. They had two beautiful twins 4 and 5, they liked to play hide and seek in the back yard a lot together. But 7 was getting stressed out about bills and caused him to drink. Eventually he started taking it out in his children and wife. That caused him to get stressed out more and killed his wife in front of the twins. The twins called 911 and 7 hung him self. 4 and 5 were taken to the orphanage. A lot of the kids didn’t like 4 and 5 because of their funny names. Then all of the sudden 9 came with a gun and started blasting niggas up bdddah bdddah

datcrowdoe 08 says:

7:15 goddamn Jaiden, you got so much better 😀

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