Trump to hold rally for Cruz in Houston

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President Trump is holding a “Make America Great Again” rally this week in Houston, where Sen. Ted Cruz is in a close Senate race with Rep. Beto O’Rourke. Scott Braddock, editor at Quorum Report, joins CBSN’s Tony Dokoupil with the latest.

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Danny Babineaux says:

"LYING TED" -Donald Trump

Bennie Crawford says:

Texas For Beto!

Sarah Isreal says:

Trump is not fighting for him, trump is fighting for himself

Traditional Sage says:

Everyone bring your pitchforks and pointy hooded hats its a Texas cook out.

Mo Hussein says:

But did J Prince give him permission??? Lol…

edgar schaefer says:

Why go to a Trump rally ? Save your gas money stay home and watch Jerry Springer. Same thing.

Mark Thomas says:

I CANT WAIT to see all the video of the sad, crying faces when Bob O'Rourke (yes, his real name is Bob) loses to Ted Cruz !!

C says:

Can you name anything "Beto" has accomplished? Besides being arrested..

RoK Bottom Studios says:

You people really think Texas is gonna vote blue? I know the Californian immigrants will but not the Texan natives themselves.

imafunny girl says:

I'm waiting to hear Twhitler say how honest and truthful lying Ted is……

JOHN RAU says:

Beto will let all his immigrat buddies in that are coming from Mexico

Albo Gonzales says:

I am a texan and a real American, a Patriot. My vote is for Cruz because he serves Trump faithfully. my pastors said Trumps was sent here from the sweet jesus and the good lords. Trumps will save us from the evil democrats who want the country to be flooded with the muslim and the illegal aliens who are all the criminals. Wake ups America! Trumps 2020!

The ruby budgie says:

Beta Beto will be crushed like a bug. It won't even close.

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