Trump says U.S. will pull out of arms control treaty with Russia

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President Trump says the U.S. is ready to pull out of an arms control deal with Russia, saying the country has violated the Cold War-era nuclear arms treaty. Kevin Cirilli, chief Washington correspondent for Bloomberg, joins CBSN to discuss.


EasyListeningLounge says:

Russia has broken the agreement not the US.

EasyListeningLounge says:

Thank God for President Trump.

Mike Cree says:

Nice lie before the mid-terms. You won’t hear a peep about this after the elections.

NPC #6822125 says:

Orange man is bad #bluewave

Kyberik says:

Not a good source of jobs–building nuclear missiles…and….and he could invite Romney back on the outsourcing of the workforce to other countries and build those Murican-made missiles in China.

D R says:

Look if the Russian are not complying its time to update the deal. Are the stupid.

Joe Smith says:

Trump should have pulled out of stormy Daniels sooner

Jairo Herrera says:

By doing this, will increase world conflict and arming their militarism for a possible war.

ben kennedy says:

So its shame if you do shame if you don't?

Vada Ann says:

Dudes eyebrows are on fleek.

ben kennedy says:

What a puppet lol

Sam Fisher says:

I don't know better way to say this, America's been f**** dumb for decades.

Carlos Rosero says:

Now some of you that know why should that how you say you could trust him right now but you cannot trust him with different people that some other people that have broke the law from the past person in the future right now but however why should that broke so many laws from the past present in the future so if Russia is going to start break the treason again then Russia that cannot control their own people military soldiers and even spies and worst ever hackers because you don't know that how many times do I should have both the law and I'm very sorry if I shower with you because it's not United it with European or Allies because remember this how many times have I should have crossing the line and many people like a bassadors presidents and neighbors that please don't do this please don't do that and Russian don't listen because some people that were sure could be crossing the line or those people of Russia that they don't listen to them and they want to do to start all this violence but however that they still the same of the attitudes that in the Cold War in the past the present and today right now in the future they still do this again even hackers so to be cautious.

Some of you that were sure that had been cheating have been hacking and have been stealing some monies anywhere on Europe Middle East or in the West so be careful have Usher and always watching in your back seriously

Yes, I Work Hard. says:

As a Republican I really dont think this is okay. We shouldn't play Putins ego games. I don't know about you but I'd prefer to not have a second cold war. Putin likes to flaunt his power as if it were a sports league.

Brandon Walker says:

My friends, it sounds like we are about to spend ABSURD amounts of money on long range nuclear arms and nuclear testing.

DudeWatches says:

So wait… If we cancel the agreement… Then we lose the right to inspect their sites and know whether or not they are keeping their agreements… So what we are doing is relinquishing our power to oversee these things…

Jesus Christ, someone stop him!

Anchant Relic says:

I told you people before WAR With RUSSIA is inevitable that is the only way to make America great again there can not be 2 powers on Earth only America

Joseph Sims says:

Wow….Dude was not even in the U.S. ft. For a year…Not a citizen either….

Chris pippin says:

Awesome job Trump

Tubal Cain says:

Our world is run by lunatics.
Why die for their greed?

Irene Fox says:

Why can't we just sent both of them-putin & Trump- on another planet far away from the Earth?

Gr8 Incarnate says:

He was supposed to "pull out" to avoid Barron…

Jestermon1 says:

It's odd they don't report that these countries don't honor our agreements but report when the President pulls out of something that's already been nullified.

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