Trump plans to withdraw from nuclear arms treaty with Russia

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US President Donald Trump says he plans to terminate the 1987 Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty, saying that Russia has been violating it

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The Boss says:

Lets start another arms race, what better way to spend tax payers money. They were rocket tests not missiles as they were unarmed but go ahead President Trump give Russia permission to use real missiles.

Leena says:

All these Supremacist have investments in weapon companies. These companies can ask n get more money only if they produce more weapons and use more weapons. To have more demand for weapons, there has to be wars going on. There is a way to create wars, just like dump is creating now.

Michael Drum says:

What of this is code speak for "Russia is not helping my people win midterms enough so now I need to do SOMETHING to start a conversation, maybe have an excuse to meet them, let them know I'm not happy, 'they haven't been keeping up on the agreement', etc."? Because the orange Cheeto needs their help NOW because after midterms Mueller might indict him with treason and that's a death penalty.

Rex Johnson says:

Billionaires, so brave

EasyListeningLounge says:

Trump is 100% right in pulling out of the agreement.

Steven Lee says:

Once again Rogue Despotic and Aggressive Nation is provoking war. This evil nation cannot sate its hunger for war; if they want war, then Russia and China will put an end to this rogue nation for the peace and betterment of humanity. This nation only brought destruction and war.

Abdigani Aden says:

Russia already ignored the treaty back in 2008.
Forget Russia anyway, now it’s about China.

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