NEEDLE IN MY ARM (week 8/1/17 vlog)

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DISCLAIMER: Service dogs are for those with disabilities and must be trained to certain standards. Please do not fraudulently try to pass off your pet as a service animal as it is a crime stated in the ADA.
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haidyn Grimsley says:

I have the same exact heating blanket and am laying under it while I was watching this

AutismAlex says:

My little sister is a great voltron fan and is going to cosplay one of the caracters. She keeps telling me i have to watch it but i can't stay focussed…

Ally Linsmeier says:

I love Adam ruins everything, did you see the one on net neutrality. Also don't you think it would be funny if Adam ruins people who fake their service dog, it would bring a lot awarness to the widespread issue. Thanks if you comment.

Matcha Mitsu says:

I love seeing videos with Seth in them <3 You two are such a team!

Chronically Vlogging says:

Hey. 🙂 Are you getting the infusions for POTS?

FriskyFlores says:

Also… worry less about the haters. Do you Boo! Also I missed Seth! Glad to see him back

FriskyFlores says:

I hate when I tell my doc symptoms or something that happened… then they just given you that look. That f-ing look! Like the are not even listening.. just waiting for you to stop talking so they can insert BS response…
I deal with military medical my whole life also.

Gabi V says:

Just noticed this! All your dates on here are from the month of June…. really confused!!!! Love you and your vlogs! You helped me on getting my diagnosis. I saw a vlog and went to my dr and they diagnosed me with POTS… would love some tips on getting through it and living on…

Anna Lowe says:

I dont mean to be rude or anything but I have what is called pseudo syncope and it is where I pass out because of anxiety. I still think you jave pots but I just wanted to let you know that anxiety related passing out is real. But I agree. You need to vhange your PCM

Jaxis & Nala says:

I'm not saying that you don't have pots but some people with anxiety actually do pass out and some can even have seizures. Like me but I just wanted to let you guys know. I do think your pcm is an ass though for trying to fight you on everything. They really should refer you to whatever doctor you want in order to help you with your disabilities or any problems you're having. I am a big fan and thanks for making these videos as realistic as possible.

Lucy The Horse Girl says:

It always makes me really sad to see you going through what you do(unless it's a good thing). Hopefully you can catch up on some sleep soon, it drives me bonkers trying to sleep when I'm not tired. I would be completely insane if I couldn't sleep when I wanted to

Audrey Breckon says:

After you get a new primary doctor. Why don't you consider going to the Mayo Clinic? (Given insurance is paying the bill) like your Dad suggest. often times they have new suggestions on how to manage chronic illnesses and better clarify/ confirm your previous diagnoses(and you seem sicker). They also usually get what ever additional testing you need done asap.
Plus would make an awesome vlog

Alyssa Musquez says:

Hey this may seem weird but I was wondering what city you live in? You were mentioning LA a lot so I was just wondering how far you are. (I live in Orange)

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