Los Angeles Lakers vs Houston Rockets Full Game Highlights | 10.20.2018, NBA Season

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LA Lakers vs Rockets Full Game Highlights | 10.20.2018

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Laker Lefty says:

What did Chris Paul think was gonna happen when he sticks his finger in Rondo's face? LOL

刘自宇 says:

what a game!!!!!!!! so excellent, like a final game, youth of lakers are talented


Man the lakers have the players that can win the playoffs but they all need to try

Chuka Odilibe says:

What kinda walk happened in 4:29?????

Banksy of Word says:

8:02 One of the most beautiful passing transitions in basketball I've ever seen.

BMWg84 says:


Jackson Shaw says:

Lebron has gotta play harder D

Chi Long Yip says:

Was 4:28 a travel foul from LBJ?

mr bigglesworth says:

its showtime baby!


Ingram was just tryna whoop some ass lmao

C Coles El says:

its evident that most folks dont really watch the games, only the highlights and the box scores. In that case Lebron looks amazing as always. But actually watching the game, I remember lebron being a step slow on defense, still, holding the ball for 20 seconds while guys try to figure out what hes gonna do which totally stagnates ANY offense, still. No body can deny lebrons numbers and analytics but when you watch games, in addition to the aforementioned, the missing of big free throws, still, the total lack of post awareness or moves, the lack of midrange game period, still..Eventually we gotta quit blaming cities, rosters, coaches, management etc on Lebrons 3-6 record in the finals. Luke walton has the same dumb look on his face that Ty Lue, David Blatt, and Mike Brown had coaching Lebron. I expect the lakers to make a decent run though at some point, but I just cant see a lebron led team beating any of the top teams in either conference in a series.

SrMalicious says:

Lebron not even trying like cmon bro these regular season games important af

saul garcia says:

Lakers aint Winning Nathan giving up 107 points per game

L. Xavier says:

NBAMMA copyright 2020
If beat the game with Rondo you unlock the secret character Ron Artest.

GoRaidersLakersAndDodgers says:

4:52 Wtf was that Lebron?!

Stephanie Tabbada says:

It’s only one game folks there some days where lebron James doesn’t try that hard. Smh people be doubting lebron James for only one game. Haters gonna hate.

wyncent lee says:

5:58 what kind of pass is that? 😮

Carlos Vazquez says:

the lakers acquired Rondo, Stevenson, and McGee to improved the roster for the wrong called best player in the league.   PLEASE make a trade for shooters, LeBron aint shit without shooters.

Vic Tiozon says:

4:30 put it to 0.5 playspeed and see the magic

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