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This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can reach 20k again and if we will be seeing a crypto currency market recovery this year. Things like the lightning network have provided huge improvements for BTC and while it is true that others like Roger Ver with Bitcoin Cash (bcash) may disagree, I do see these blockchain technology innovations to be very bullish fundamental signs for the space.

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Forflies says:

One big point I planned to make but didn't get around to is that BECAUSE a lot are being shaken out right now, that means we're about to (or are currently in) a time for VERY good opportunities. The best opportunities, as we all now know, don't come when the majority are looking for them. The mere fact that people are dropping off now is a pretty good indication that some hugely lucrative opportunities are opening up right now so by seeing this boring through, we'll be in for some very nice gains.

It's honestly exciting to think of where it could go. The masses will pile in after the cockroaches of this crypto atomic bomb have secured the best positions in the market.

Jp Highbaugh says:

Sorry but its def not about to "pop off" just like it hasn't for the last two months, bitcoin is going to do what it's done for the past four years, blast off at the end of December or beginning of January.

Lachhab Regragui says:

What do you think about Fortuna?

Brobi V2 says:

iv lost all mymoney with crpyto and im almost homeless

AFINO says:

what's you guys has

CFFT says:

I know the fee to join VIP and now I know I do not need 10K or more to play VIP signals, but now I'd like to know how much time do I need per week to at least make the most out of it? I can fathom you need some time to track signals, plays, trades and especially the markets where they are going? I've got a fulltime job, a kid and a social life, can I fit in actively or at least effeciently trading with VIP?

Ryan McAlister says:

Pop off?! Never go full retard bro

CuteDrawing Butterfly132 says:

I don`t understand the part with XRP short! XRPZ18 is a XRP/XBT futures contract DEC2018, there is no XRP/XBT perpetual pair on BIT MEX.I know how to short or long XBT but on the other coins on Bit Mex i have only future contracts.

KiKo says:

Use your channel views as an indicator

RickGrimeZz says:

BTC will be $10,000 within the first week of November.. Bakkt will be MASS BUYING to cover their clients trades… you guys are about to lose faith in TRADITIONAL Chart Reading! I will be laughing at all the Bears who will go completely broke.. once Bakkt starts buy the Vaulted BTC … We are talking $100's of millions of dollars thats about to be injected. When that happens… YIKES… all those idiots who depend SOLELY on traditional indicators… but then after the pump.. you can start using normal charts again…. but there is about to be a HUGE HUGE HUGE pump… so I have my Longs Strat…. already in place!

Olly Guacamole says:

We are XRPillionaires.

Greg Savchuk says:

Forflies, always appreciate ur TA/FA & commentary.
BTC/Alts/Cryptos r the most volatile market ever.! So, expect the unexpected.
Bears&Bulls, Sharks&Whales, Shorts&Longs, oh my, up&down&all around, where cryptos go, nobody knows.
Bots, AI, Market Manip, eX HaX, HFT, Fidelity, Bakkt, ETFs, SEC, GS, MS, etc & ad nauseam, I don't care.
I'm an investor & in 4 the long fight, not the H2H, D2D, W2W white knuckle rollercoaster ride.
A few things 2 consider/ponder:
Blockchain(BC)/Cryptos represent a fairly new & unique form of tech/economic freedom that transcends many boundaries.
BC dev/adoption/implementations/use cases r being used to solve real world issues, pick the sector.
Fiats r failing, traditional markets r squirrelly, BC/Cryptos r the fortress, the store, the vault, the eX, the future.
BTC/Alts market is undervalued, period, the Tether phenomenon, OTC, off line Cold Wallets, etc.
As always, do ur own TA/FA, move in/out carefully, set ur stop losses to protect ur a$$et$ & throw down a shot to bolster ur courage.
Kind regards 2 all.

adrian foley says:

i hope ya right. i have been in a long trade on eth for a month now grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
very bored with crypto at the moment

tyler ortiz says:

Fortflies what’s up with the wick up to 6800 on 10/14??

Seems like manipulation to trigger buy orders before it breaks down yeahh?

Hami says:

Litecoin weekly ready to pop out of falling wedge. Surprised you haven't picked up on that

Hooly savage says:

The red arrow looks like a big red candle


I don’t know what any of this means, but I agree

Jay Copper says:

don't let kirby at the water cooler influence your mindset forflies. he got rekkkkked shorting on the tether candle. lol.

Anunaky Blockchain says:

Forflies Indicator Rocks !!!

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