How is North Korea evading sanctions? – BBC News

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President Moon Jae-in of South Korea, currently holding talks with European leaders, says “North Korea’s economy is in huge difficulty due to international sanctions.”

UN sanctions have been imposed to pressure Kim Jong-un’s government over its nuclear weapons programme.

Reality Check investigates how North Korea tries to evade these sanctions.

Motion graphics by Jacqueline Galvin.

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ARIC wu says:

what a shit propaganda

HS Kim says:

The Korean government, which dominates the domestic media, is now trying YouTube's sanctions.

Pedro says:


Umair says:

China needs to quickly become the new World Leader. We have to leave the USA citizens to eat their doughnut-filled obesity.
Probably the only thing they have been able to accomplish entirely within the last 17 years.
Technology has hit the roof limitations in America. This is not a bad thing.
it means as a world nation needs to recognise a new country that hasn't explored its potential. one that is more stable than USA.
their abilities, understanding need to sustain at least 25 years worth of tech innovation.
IF this is NOT done. We will be hitting a dark age within the next 2 years with what's the USA secretly keeps new technology cards close to their chests.

Red Swan says:

Sick of hereing the same old news like we didn't know .

Roel Demiza says:

how to invade a country american style: all american allies bully a country bring down their knees and beg for american for forgiveness

JK says:

Bad bad North Korea for working around sanctions for having Nuclear Weapons while the big boys are allowed to have them, they are also allowed to invade every nation they want

d-_-b says:

It sounds good.??

Ryan Li says:

You can't say you're for human rights and then try to induce a second famine on the North Korean people at the same time. That's plain hypocrisy and the people arguing for the sanctions know it. In reality its fear, the fear of the idea of a strong socialist country, that drives their pathetic actions.

Adriana K says:


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