My Job as a Software Engineer at a Startup

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Let’s take a walk through a day in my life as a software engineer at a startup.


I share and document my experiences on topics including computer science, software engineering, and iOS development. I’m a full-time Software Engineer and a part-time YouTuber & iOS developer. My hobbies outside of what’s been mentioned include surfing, snowboarding, and playing video games.

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ForrestKnight says:

I didn’t build the dashboard from scratch. There’s no point when there are a plethora of options to choose as a starting point, like I did with this one. However, I did edit and reroute the initial template to suit my needs. If I wanted to pretend it was my own, I would’ve edited it down to where there was no trace of the original template. It’s easy to overlook minute details when you have a full day of work plus making a video at the same time.

David Alvarado says:

I would want to wear a suit as a software engineer but i'd stick out like a sore thumb.

Justin Griffin says:

hey bro, my day begins at 10 am i live at my 10 i make love with my gf, check afew emails, watch a few youtubes, then i order a mango shake, then i tell a few employees what to do and we go to a waterfall or the beach…im a little sleepy when we return so we have a sleep, then i do some work in the garden…i own a resort in philipinnes…Your job looks like one of my nightmares…oh i work naked if i want…

Mohammed Fahd says:

just found you today you are one of my favourite youtubers of all time ! im not even joking your so humble

baltusd says:

love how every1 trying to fit in the #ad


Hey bro congrats on the job best of luck not to sound like a Debbie downer but I see you wear alot of hats in your job "not real hat physically" but alot of job roles that is cool but what happens to the quality of the product or code down the drain just saying

Real Boss says:

What beard trimmer do you use?

Zage Mahone says:

aye im sorry these people attacking you like this…. they commenting… but YOU have the popular channel, and a good job.LOLOl…. dont sweat em bro

Maj Ken says:

Have you written the code in html?

gamertrenk says:

Hey could you be so friendly to tell me how or which is the name of your IDE program where you write down you Code.Thank you 🙂

Senne Dirkx says:

Honestly frontend development does not fall under software engineering in my book.

Mimi Tang says:

Anyone know whats the model for the monitors?

Baggelis Manousakis says:

I wanna watch this video in 4 years when I will have finished uni and be at the same position as you are bro! Interessting clip, thanks for sharing !

Ugo Arzur says:

Hi, I just discovered your youtube channel. You seems to be full of sincerity and happy at what you are doing. It's great to see other comrades enjoying their life in a startup environment. Do you have to agile processes too ? Do you work on a Linux VM like VirtualBox ? Do you do back-end / front-end and server work ? I'm glad to here other engineer / developer enjoying what they do, it's always satisfying hearing it.
Keep on going bro !

blazestudios23 says:

Software Engineer doesn't even really mean anything. Software developer is a more correct term for it, but Software Engineer sounds more formal. In the end it doesn't matter what you are called as long as you build software and get paid well for it. And when I say software I mean, Apps, Websites, Databases anything that requires the writing of code and knowledge of things like MVC, data structures, and algorithms.

Darren Campbell says:

Paul Walker's back from the dead and he's coding 😮

Evon Franklin says:

How do I get into a start up company so I can make my meaningful contribution.

bannajirocks says:

you said nginx? are you using docker to run containers for react/node.js applications?

Wesker Power says:

on linux serioslu i almost piuk

Adam Dren says:

I love him already.

Sushil Pokhrel says:

Fake you are showing other work as your own its a free template of Angular 6 application named Angle and its not like you added those widgets or even the maps and graphs it comes with the template it is the default you didn't take the time to even change the login avatar on the right lol!

Verse Hero says:

When did you start to code?

JerryAnimations says:

how much do u make a year if u dont mind answering ( general idea)

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