1918 flu pandemic

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Michael Worobey, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, The University of Arizona The Spanish influenza pandemic of 1918 was the most intense .


gematria79 says:

Climate change is creating a lot of mutations in molds, bacterias & viruses. Illnesses that only effected certain mammals now cross species to infect humans as well. The CDC is already recording a lot of areas within the US where pollutants are causing weakened immune systems, birth defects & decline in sperm production. These reports are available online through mostly govt websites but they are rarely covered by mainstream media. CDC is the best source I hv found.

Beverly Moore says:

The "anti-vaxxers" may play a big part in our next plague.

Craig Dallas says:

Bodies stacked up on the front porch waiting for the meat wagon.

Mike D says:

Contradiction in plain sight.
At the beginning we are led to believe that this bug was spread by human activity in the war effort. Yet as everyone knows this thing didn't need gatherings to spread itself. It went from small town to small town even into places where there were no travelers to carry it. This thing was airborne and went to some of the most remote places on the globe. It didn't need a war to get around.
That said however I am one of the people who clearly see the possibility that the creators of gas warfare did make an attempt to use a bio weapon on the United States Armed Forces. A highly contagious weapon that clearly backfired on them very badly as bio weapons are apt to do. A bug like this doesn't know who the enemy is. Perhaps they were so put off by the resulting epidemic that they destroyed every trace of their research rid themselves of liability.
Some points to consider;
1. The U.S. had delivered hundreds of thousands of very well equipped well trained soldiers on the side of the British with more to come if needed.
2. The United States was on the other side of the world. Isolated for bio-targeting, or so they thought.
3. The sickness first showed itself on a military base near the center of the American population at that time.
4. The nature of this virus was quick and relatively lethal.
5. German ingenuity and desperation had already introduced chemical warfare. To think these people never considered using biological weapons is contrary to their behavior at the time.

Philip Ians says:

very eerie music. anyone know a name or artist?

Dark Soul says:

Fuck me this is dull!!!

Scott Johnston says:

2 mins of shit commercials.. switched off.. thumbs down..

Sandra Kaye Hansen says:

So worth watching! Thanks for posting!

Joseph Ybarra says:

It likely started in China

Stormbringer2012 says:

The flu came from the homing pigeons. The germans used dogs so they got it last catching it through allied pows. This isn't admitted because that would mean the allied powers would had to pay for the loss of life world wide. I suspect someone will suddenly come up with the truth but only after the last person from that era is dead.

Lauren Mcgee says:

There is power in the name of Jesus

John Case says:

North Korea's Great Leader Kim Il-sung created this virus that killed so many in 1918 before he was even born with his great power in order to try and prevent the United States from becoming a world superpower and to weaken European nations.

I'm not joking! This is what teachers in North Korea teach the kids, along with Kim Il-sung left North Koreans in his last will the planet Mars as their new future home to be able to escape and live free of Democracy.

iamauntmeem says:

My great-grandfather died October 27, 1918 of this malady leaving his wife with 13 children the oldest a WWI soldier the youngest just a few days old. He may have gotten the bug from going to NY for the oldest son.

gais b says:

we are now having one h2

Jon Charlston says:

What the FUCK is the point with this piece of shit potato-cam quality?

Get this crap off the Internet ffs!

D A R K P R I N C Eあ。 じ。 だ says:

Ummmmm this happens 100 years ago exactly and there’s major flu spreading right know I have type B oh shit I’m screwed… there’s already been 100 deaths in Texas

extremecriticism says:

That children's rhyme on influenza is just creepy af

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