President Donald Trump Stands By Stormy Daniels ‘Horseface’ Insult | TODAY

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President Trump on Tuesday took to Twitter to attack the appearance of adult movie star Stormy Daniels after a judge dismissed her defamation lawsuit against the president. Asked by the Associated Press whether going after a woman’s looks was inappropriate, the president said to “take it any way you want.” Meanwhile, the team of first lady Melania Trump is calling for a boycott of T.I. after the rapper put out a video of a lookalike of the first lady stripping off her clothes. NBC White House corresponden
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President Donald Trump Stands By Stormy Daniels ‘Horseface’ Insult | TODAY


A Thought Crime says:

Ahahahahaha, she got called Horseface and was bullied by the President of the United States. The dumb thot was a pawn of the left, now they'll throw her away as she has no use to them anymore.

David Ansty says:

Get it through your heads lefties. Political correctness is OVER!!

Theresa Jackson says:

Be careful what you tRUMPTURDS wish for; I pray that your children will be smarter than you are but with the shallow gene pool and all, I doubt it.

Viscous Force says:

Trump is the alpha male

Tratata says:

What is this NPC News?

cryptoskygreen7 cryptoskygreen7 says:

Trump is the Don and who cares about horse face,pay you lawyer fees,oops.

Ra L says:

Trump 2020! Keep crying snowflakes!

sammi klaminski says:

If you want to hear more horseface jokes, get out and vote to increase the Republican majorities in Congress on Nov. 6. The psycho bullies (aka ‘drive bys’) hate Trump because he fights back. He doesn’t take their crap and fake news. BTY, if the Democrats take over Congress, there’ll be no wall, and the illegals will flood in, criminals, murders, terrorists, felons, you name it, let ‘em in, just as long as they vote for Democrats.

Movies For Adults Music says:

This video is helping vote Red on November 6.


She got facefucked by a horse in her first movie.

s lou says:

F*** that horseface LMAO

jay howard says:

Trump 2020! Pay up, Horseface!!!

The Orange Pekoe Teabag Band says:

Stormy Daniels is Horseface Melania Trump is Whoreface and Donald Trump is Whorange Face.

Azz Laird says:

So she slept with a married man, accepted $130,000 to keep it a secret and tells all about it anyway. Poor victim.

Vurdox says:

Indefensible? How can you say that about such an obviously hilarious remark. That's just not having a sense of humor at all is what that is

Shine On says:

LMAO! He's got my vote in 2020. Why? Because he has done more in two years to "Make America Great" than most do in eight. Keep pushing forward Mr. President. You are doing a great job! That's why they hate you.

Kenton Mosley says:

love to hear that

Alfred Degiorgio says:

Trump must surely be the most contemptible excuse for a human being currently polluting planet Earth. A peace-loving man planning to get married has just been butchered inside a Saudi Arabian Consulate while his fiancee waited outside. Trump's immediate reaction was to defend Khashoggi's butchers, with not even one word of token sympathy for his fiancee and for the man's family!

Trump quickly blamed nameless “rogues” for the butchering of Khashoggi, completely ignoring the evidence that a gang of fifteen Saudi butchers, most likely sent by the Saudi Crown Prince, were in the Consulate on the day he was butchered. The word is that the Saudis are planning to claim that the butchering that turned the Consulate into an abattoir was an interrogation gone wrong! Why was Khassogi, a well-known journalist, not a spy, nor a rebel, nor a terrorist, being interrogated by fifteen butchers? Trump is calling for “due process” to be followed, conveniently ignoring the fact that throughout his entire corrupt life he has avoided any form of due process!

The monster who is our president and wannabe-dictator is a committed/compromised ally of the murderous Saudi regime and is running interference for it. Trump's deranged excesses are always applauded by the Ex-GOP Party in general and its gang of whores in Congress in particular; they enable and unconditionally support him and must share the guilt of his past, current, and future infamy. We must wrest control of Congress from these traitors who have shamed themselves and trampled our national pride in the dust.

Grumpy Oldfart says:

Wow all the comments " how about all the bad things they say about 45?" Oh poor 45 boo who! He brings it on himself with all the intellectual witt of a 5 year old.

WillyWonka69er says:

Didn't she comment on his looks well before he did ?

t cply says:

no use pretending ,, no one gives a sh!t what he says about that women,,,

Alice Kroeker says:

Horseface is that not a dose of Trump curse? The whole world knows who horseface is, lol

Andrew Mayfield says:

So you think you can be a ''LUCHADOR' horseface..?? The weenner geets FIVE TOWSAN dollars..!!!!

robert forsythe says:

Mister Space race the President of our galaxy. He is so far out there he reminds us of Youranus that place where his words come from.

Vire and Keese says:

I’ll be glad when Carlton Richard wins a high seat in the house. He’s representing the U.S. everyone should look him up at richardglibalrichardglobal(dot) com

Will Wigginton says:

We love Trump, and NBC stop lying.

dee76 says:

I dare you to attack that trash rapper for attacking Melania Trump or is that ok in your world

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