Inside the NBA – Kenny Gets ROASTED Mercilessly by Shaq Charles and Ernie 10.16.2018 [HD]

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NBATV says:

Can we get 5,000 likes before lebron plays his first game? LETS GOOO PLEASEEE!

T.E. V. says:

Do you have the full post game show?

TheTruthiest says:

I was about to bag on Kenny for being so mad and not taking a joke, but then I found out he just got served divorce papers last week.

John Thawng says:

I’ve missed this

Vodman says:

They shitted on Kenny lmao…

d g says:

Kenny the type of dude who tries too hard to be cool and smart but comes off thirsty af for attention.

Ry Bread says:

What's with the background music

flawless39 says:

JT was dogging Kenny lol. Them knees couldn't keep up lol Kenny got sensitive lol

Nate Daugherty says:

Kenny is the one guy they could lose and the show would still be awesome… maybe better. Bitter old man

Samuel Noble says:

These guys are the best. Glad to have inside back!!!

Vitto S says:

The number 1 show in America is back!!!

Richard Khusial says:

Damn Kenny sensitive

Josh'n You says:

Lakers vs 76ers in finals


This is the second best part of the nba season. SIMPLE

Duane Steward says:

That plaque though!!! Lol

RobdaVegasMailman says:

Did I miss "who he play for?" Or are they doing that Thursday night?

404 says:

i love it. Right at the very end there.

Kenny: 20 years and this is all i get ? Man….
Ernie: Budget cuts.

# Thunderup says:

I expect this from Kevin Hart but Kenny and the Zebra/DearBra

wzup77ify says:

We evolved from driving reading a newspaper to driving holding a phone

JJTha JET says:

There probably doing this to cheer him up cuz the nasty divorce he's going thru

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