Vaccination: A Story of Risk & Community | Dr. Lindsay Levkoff Diamond | TEDxBoulder

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Herd immunity works for vaccinations as it does Facebook share fact checking. Dr. Lindsay Diamond discusses the risk about the vaccination choice that parents face. What is risk and what does community do to our choices?

Lindsay Diamond, Ph.D. is a recovering molecular biologist who, despite turning in her badge and pipette gun, has a passion for making science accessible and approachable. This fervor carries over into her post-research life as the Director of Education at SparkFun Electronics, where her team designs curricula and travels the country providing professional development to educators looking to introduce science, technology and the maker movement to their students.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


Sultan Mahmood says:

Nothing is given free except the vaccine. Africa is starving yet they not giving them food but vaccinating whole population. Check your friend's who have cancer have they been vaccinated? And the answer wil be yes. Population control

Martina Giuntoli says:

Again no difference between injecting and ingesting. What a shame

Walter Winston ONeil says:

So this woman has sold her soul. Ted Talks has been owned by the enemy of humanity for a long time. Just look at what they censor. Hopefully this woman will face the judgement she deserves with extreme haste and extreme prejudice. BIG Pharma kills more yearly that all gun deaths combined. FACT. What will be the next pandemic threat? Whatever the sociopath less than 1% wealthiest that own and control the criminal CDC want it to be. create the threat then provide the poison solution. Easy!

William David Hilton says:

Something to consider. For over a decade, an organization in California led by a man whose last name is Doubleday has offered a big reward to any physician who will vaccinate himself or herself with whichever vaccine he or she chooses. At first the reward was $100,000. Today it's over a million dollars. No takers so far. Gee, why not? Maybe it's because every vaccine causes encephalitis, brain swelling. This is not a risk factor, it is a certainty. Get a vaccine, get a swollen brain. In children this is a cause of autism. New Jersey has the highest vaccination rate among children, and it has the highest rate of autism.

hvbuitenen says:

Some people need to learn it the hard way, with their own children, but let's hope there's another way for her.

GOTS Temple Hopes & Shadows says:

WOW, this presenter certainly seems to believe that vaxxing is a safe hobby …

Carole Sheppard says:

Dr Wakefield is a hero x

Mark Zajac says:

Vaccinations are not based in science. Not real science.

a river says:

Lindsay is lying through her teeth. All vaccines still have thimerosal in them. So called "mercury free childhood vaccines" have 1 mcg per dose of mercury = 2000 ppb. Limit for drinking water is 2 ppb. Hazardous waste starts at 200 ppb. Flu vaccines given to 6 month old babies have 25 mcg per dose mercury= 50000 ppb. Thimerosal in vaccines is a crime. Formaldehyde – embalming fluid – is another preservative used in vaccines. They contain contamination only partially. Microbiological contamination of all vaccines is horrible, but this is another story.

Clara Salomon says:

Actually, if you go read those studies on the CDC site and NIH sites, you'll find that MANY studies not only suggest links, but show links between autism and vaccine damage. It's fascinating. Go start reading these articles. Ted has always been a sort of condescending pulpit for priests of peddled 'culture' that is pushed on us by huge corporations.

blossom blue says:

All the concerned parent from developed world:
You fear vaccine because you have never seen these diseases that can kill your children. You need some perspective. Come to under-developed countries and see these diseases for yourself. I as a med student in Nepal have never seen a viccinated child with measles. And all the case I have seen was when they were not vaccinated.
Polio was only recently eradicated from our country in 2014. And it was all because of vaccine. Extensive program was conducted for polio where people were vaccinated en masse. Now, we don't have to fear polio anymore.
Polio remains a problem of only three countries now, Afganistan and Nigeria and Nigeria. That is because they refuse vaccine because of some religious reason.
You can look it up.
Also, vaccine does NOT cause autism.

Your child is safe now because people around you are vaccinated and no one is sick. But what if they also refuse vaccines because of ill informed fear?

Roberta Cowan says:

Very sad that she believes it is safer to have Vaccines than not. Does she not know the reality? Has she never listened to parents who witnessed the change in their children. She is also a liar – has she ever read the report.. Has she ever listened to the parents of the children who were involved in the tests – obviously not. It is amazing that US regards Measles as a serious illness – yet the UK say it is mild. Pharma must love her. Also vaccinated can shed so who is spreading?

cris says:

Bought and played by big pharma

John McClain says:

The GOP debate?

TD Wallin says:

We're not cows. True herd immunity comes in the form of having gotten the measles and then having natural immunity for the rest of their lives. In the Brady Bunch, the Flintstones, and other shows before the vaccines, measles was said to be no big deal, and required no injections. Back then, there were only a few. Now we know some of the polio shots caused CFS/ME but were still utilized. The culprit? A retrovirus derived from mouse tissue. Same for the HepB, which was grown on monkey tissue, and the cause of HIV. Now every child is encouraged to receive the HepB, on day one. Know what the real objective is? To stop us from evolving. Because certain powers know of we keep evolving, we will not require a love of money system in which hoarders rule. And whom we pay to enslave us. The incredible amount of superiority with which this brainwashed propagandist speaks is almost laughable. If the subject matter weren't so detrimental to an estimated 50% of our current population. Anecdotes aside, our babies are dying at an alarming rate. Because they are being shot up with so many toxins, their bodies go into overdrive, and suffer organ damage. I guess it's all good, as long as you're part of the 50% seemingly unaffected. It's incredible to me the lack of compassion for the suffering of the other half. Worse still is the incredible judgment placed on those injured. People who still trust synthetic, foreign & toxic exposures ad nauseam don't know about the good old days before vaccine makers were immunized against ever having to take responsibility for injuries & deaths caused by their products. And no one was told about the VAERS program or how doctors were supposed to have reported suspected injuries for families. Further, there is now proof that safety studies Reagan ordered WERE NEVER DONE. Safer vaccines were supposed to have been created since people could no longer sue. Fear tactics were used back then, and more fear tactics are used now. Measles. Mumps. Pertussis. All kinds of horrific "diseases" were ones rites of passage; childhood illnesses that lead to lifelong immunity and avoidance of more serious cancers and autoimmune diseases, including heart, kidney, liver failure, crohn's disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, ms, parkinsons, and Alzheimer's. Enough is enough. Help all those suffering autoimmunally to heal. We are not cows. We are vital parts of Humanity.

Kim Piper says:

Lets give the kid an IQ test in 20 years and see how he stands up against those that are not vaccinated. AND THE WINNER IS !!

angela gouldsborough says:

I dint think it’s about the immediate or 24 hour statistics of the vaccine … what are these vaccines doing accumulated over 30-40-50 years??

Left Field says:

"He'd 'probably' be safer if he's been vaccinated" is not good enough. This presentation is so lacking in research it's embarrassing. If you look at the history of Measles, in most instances it's a benign childhood disease with very low complication rate that provides lifetime immunity (unlike vaccines). This incidence of Measles, if you ever decide to research the epidemiology, was almost at zero prior to the introduction of the vaccination due mostly to increase in wealth and implementation of public health measures. You don't mention the death rate, the vaccine induced auto-immune and other chronic health issues caused by vaccines. Wakefields study was not discredited – he was, by a lynch mob. His whole team made a connection between a specific pathology observed to develop following MMR vaccine. You'd think a parent would be interested in that but you obviously haven't read the paper. DCD whistle blower Thompson has admitted on the record, that vaccines are related to an increased risk of Autism. He was ordered to assist in manipulation of the data and the destruction of the original paper trail. Please do your homework before spreading myths about safety. Thimersol – if you just do one piece of research, do that one – it is in vaccines today, look at the product inserts.

fawziyya abdulhamid says:


Linda Palson says:

I believe it has to do with the new borns that are injected. And what if anything the patient ingusted while carry the baby

Linda Palson says:

They cherry pick what is published. And which parts of studies get published. And so you back any result is a good and correct way to read the study?

Linda Palson says:

As long as Doctors and Drug Companies, remain in charge of research we will never get real, right, or most important honest. Yes, no link but who did that research. Thats why there is no real studies.

Zay Say says:

It would be good if you compared them based on the fact that ingesting aluminium you only absorb 0.2% and injecting aluminium you absorb 100% bypassing the bodies natural ability to filter it out at all

Zay Say says:

VAXXED the movie. Watch and then decide

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